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We can help reduce your operating costs

90% of a packaging operation’s costs are hidden. We can add value to your packaging operation by helping you identify, reduce, or even eliminate these costs, which are an invisible burden to your business.

Macfarlane Packaging has identified six ways in which your business can reduce its operating costs. Reducing costs within the business is essential, some of these operating costs may be unknown within the business. See below the main operating costs to look out for

For example, we can help you reduce transport costs by increasing the number of packs shipped per vehicle. This can involve both pack design and packing process. To find out more, click here.

We can help you dramatically reduce damages and returns, saving a fortune in replacement and additional shipping costs. To find out how, click here.

We can support you with paperless end-to-end administration. This improves efficiency and saves money on administration costs. To find out more, click here

We can also offer you innovative packaging products that help to increase productivity and improve product protection. And, impressively, many of these products are actually lighter and smaller than traditional packaging solutions. Our impartial packaging advice can help you release storage space in your warehouse and cut storage costs as well – another benefit of taking a holistic approach to your packaging.

An often-overlooked benefit of all these changes is happier customers and making sure your packaging doesn’t cost your reputation! Customers want a satisfying unboxing experience that meets or even exceeds their expectations. By adding value to your packaging operation, it helps keep customers happy and they are far more likely to buy from you again. Happier customers are more likely to form a lucrative long-term relationship with your brand. To find out more, click here

Reduce the most significant operational costs

Boxes in warehouse

Reduce storage costs

Reduce the amount of packaging stock held at your site to free up valuable space and improve cash flow

Transport costs

Reduce transport costs

Maximise your pallet yield or parcel sizes to minimise transport costs, lower fuel use and reduce your emissions


Reduce damages and returns

Our innovative packaging can help you dramatically reduce the cost of damages and returns, protecting your reputation and products

Admin costs

Reduce admin costs

We can take the hassle and costs out of your admin with single source packaging supply and our e-trading services


Increase productivity

We can help you develop a more flexible, resilient, and cost-efficient operation that saves you time, lowers labour costs and speeds up production

Customer experience

Enhance customer experience

Customers reward companies that show they care. Packaging can help you deliver an engaging customer experience and drive brand loyalty

Significant Six Packaging Review

Our Packaging Review can help to reduce or eliminate hidden costs, saving you money while simultaneously supporting your CSR goals by reducing the environmental impact of your whole operation.

Packaging Optimiser

The Packaging Optimiser breaks your operation down into six key areas where we know big costs can hide, which we call the Significant Six. We review materials to find the right packaging to protect your products, meet sustainability goals and unlock cost savings.

See how we can help you reduce packaging costs

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The Macfarlane Packaging Catalogue

The Macfarlane Packaging catalogue also explains how we can help you reduce your packaging costs, support you with packaging automation or even with custom packaging design.

Our packaging catalogue includes all our products ranging from cardboard boxes, packing tape and bags to pallet wrap and strapping products, as well as machinery and warehouse equipment.

Click here to download the Macfarlane Packaging catalogue

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