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Macfarlane Packaging European Locations

See where Macfarlane Packaging distribution centres and 3PL partners are located in Continental Europe

In addition to our UK operation, we have distribution centres throughout Europe. We also have several third party logistics (3PL) partners located on the continent.

Our strategically located Continental European distribution centres and 3PL partners allow us to provide single source packaging supply to our customers with operations in the UK and Europe.

The service provided by Macfarlane Packaging in Europe can help you:

Click here to learn more about how Macfarlane can be your packaging distribution partner in Europe, or explore our European locations below…

Macfarlane Group sites in Continental Europe

Macfarlane Packaging Germany


PackMann GmbH
Wasserturmstraße 79
69214 Eppelheim

Macfarlane Packaging Netherlands


Macfarlane Group B.V.
(Head Office)
Siriusdreef 17
2132 WT, Hoofddorp
The Netherlands

Macfarlane Group B.V.(Warehouse)
Spurkterweg 81
5804 AP, Venray
The Netherlands

Macfarlane Packaging Italy


Macfarlane Group B.V. Italia
Magazzino C2 Farmaco
Via Ardeatina 2491
00134 Palomba (Rome)

Contact Information
T: +31 23 7996888

Macfarlane Group site in Ireland

Macfarlane Packaging Ireland


Macfarlane Packaging Ireland
County Wicklow A63 DR68

Contact Information:

T: +353 (404) 37370

Macfarlane Packaging Ireland Location Map

Where our 3PL partners are located

To provide full coverage packaging distribution across Europe, we work with carefully selected 3PL partners in the following countries:




For more information about our packaging distribution services in these countries, please contact our Macfarlane Packaging Europe team by clicking here.

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