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Customers reward companies that show they care

Possibly the most important thing our packaging products and services protect is your reputation and your customer experience.

This matters because, in an age of internet shopping, the packaging your product arrives in and the experience of unboxing combine to create a key brand touch point for your customers.

Stand-out branded packaging can wow them. Packaging that’s the perfect fit for a well-protected product will impress them. Environmentally-friendly packaging will show them you take sustainability seriously.

Sustainable packaging products

Packaging becomes waste as soon as the product is removed. Ensuring it is recyclable, reusable or safely compostable is increasingly seen as essential by your customers, corporate or individual.

Significant Six Packaging Review

90% of a packaging operation’s costs are hidden. These costs to your business are also costs to the environment. Our Packaging Review can help to reduce or eliminate these costs.

Give them the memorable unboxing experience

From presentation and retail through to specialist industrial packaging, we can provide products that always keep the customer satisfied with a positive unboxing experience.

Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab will help you deliver the perfect unboxing experience for your customers

Request a packaging review

Customer experience is one of the Significant Six packaging cost hiding in all packaging operations.

Our packaging review will help you find and reduce, or even eliminate, these costs in your operation. To request your own packaging review, simply fill in and submit the form below.

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