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Introducing paper packing tape helped Epicurium make a 78% saving on the sealing material they were using.

Parsley Box

We worked with Parsley Box to create a temperature controlled packaging solution that was kinder to the environment and reduced their packaging costs.


Minimising the impact of business operations on the environment by reducing plastic usage


Reducing transit damage to Acer tablets with Airsac®
protective packaging.


Working in partnership to deliver continuous improvement to the entire packaging operation.

Peak Scientific

Lightweight, high performance packaging to reduce transportation costs and damages for gas generators.

One Vision Imaging

Reducing damages to wall display items, albums and framed goods with Airsac protective packaging.


Innovative fibre drum replacement that delivers improved storage, transportation, product handling and packing speed.


Minimising product damage in transit for SkinnyBooze wine bottles with Airsac inflatable packaging.