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Custom packaging designed just for you by Macfarlane Packaging

At Macfarlane Packaging, we can help you with all kinds of custom packaging. Whether you need a bespoke packaging solution to provide protection for high-value products or want to enhance your customer experience with branded packaging, our experts will be with you every step of the way…

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Free Custom Packaging Estimates

Get a free, no obligation quote for bespoke packaging. Tell us your requirements, speak to our experts and we’ll send you an estimate.

Bespoke packaging sizes and printing icon

Bespoke Packaging Sizes and Printing

We can help with custom packaging of all sizes and help with printed packaging including custom printed boxes, bags with logos, and printed packing tape (plus lots more).  

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Expert Packaging Design

Great packaging design is at the heart of what we do. We have a team of packaging design experts and a packaging Innovation Lab.

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Custom Packaging Quality Assurance

All custom packaging we develop is made from high quality materials. We can even offer specialist testing to meet even the most stringent quality standards.

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Types of custom packaging we can help you with

Almost any type of packaging can be customised to your specifications – whether you need a specific size, design, or printing. Here are some of the types of custom packaging we can help you with:

Custom Boxes

Cardboard boxes icon Macfarlane Packaging

Custom Gift Boxes

Branded Boxes

Custom Printed Boxes

Boxes with logos

Bespoke size boxes

Presentation boxes

Custom Bags

Bags icon Macfarlane Packaging

Customised carrier bags

Custom tote bags

Gift bags

Custom mailing bags

Bags with logos

Printed paper bags

Branded paper bags

Bespoke size bags

Branded plastic bags   

Custom Postal

Postal packaging icon Macfarlane packaging

Custom printed envelopes

Bespoke size book wraps and postal tubes

Custom mail bags

Postal wraps with logos

Custom bubble mailers

Bespoke bottle packaging

Custom Protective

Custom printed air cushions

Bespoke size and printed Airsac inflatable packaging

Printed bottle packaging

Branded packing paper

Custom Paper

Paper packaging icon

Custom printed tissue paper

Coloured tissue papers

Specialist Spiro-pack compact tissue

Zig Zag shredded papers

Custom Packing Tape

Packing tapes product icon Macfarlane Packaging

Custom printed packing tape

Packing tape with logos

Custom paper tape

Specialist tapes and tape adhesives

Custom Polythene

Polythene products icon Macfarlane Packaging

Made to measure LDPE and HDPE polythene

Printed polythene sheets and bag

Custom specification shrink film

Bespoke polythene sheets

Customised lay flat tubing

Custom Stretch Wrap

Stretch and Pallet Wrap Icon Macfarlane Packaging

Custom coloured pallet wrap

Bespoke stretch wrap for hand and machine application

Custom thickness stretch film (i.e. micron)

Custom Chilled Packaging

Chilled packaging icon Macfarlane Packaging

Bespoke size chilled packaging

Custom chilled packaging boxes with printing and logos

Customised thermal  packaging liners

Custom bulk cold chain packaging

Custom coolants for food, medical and pharmaceutical applications

Custom Sustainable Packaging

Custom size eco-friendly packaging materials

Printed recycled content packaging supplies

Recyclable packaging printed with logos

Compostable packaging and films

Alternative packaging materials

As well as customised packaging supplies, we can also help you with bespoke warehouse equipment such as packing benches, workstations, shelving, conveyors, and full-scale packaging automation.

Our custom packaging services

Frequently Asked Questions about custom packaging

What is custom packaging?

As the term suggests, custom packaging is when packaging materials are designed specifically for your product or your business requirements.  So, rather than choosing a standard or stock cardboard box (or other packaging product) to fit your product(s) an entirely new packaging design is created.

The size of and print on custom packaging can be completely tailored your needs. The custom packaging process can include modifying a package’s shape, size, style, colours, material, varnish, and other specifications!

Why is custom packaging important?

There are lots of reasons why custom packaging is important. Let’s take a look:

  • Custom packaging can help you optimise your packing process and reduce your packaging costs. For example, a ready-made packaging solution could be too big for your product, this means you could be paying to ship air and using more material that is needed. By using a custom sized packaging solution that fits your product well will minimise your overall pack size, reduce the dimensional weight of the parcel and this has a knock-on effect across your packing operation by reducing storage and shipping costs, as well as the likelihood of damages.
  • Custom packaging can help you minimise your impact on the environment. Optimised transit packaging that is right for your products can help you use less packing material and cut the emissions created when your products are being shipped. This all has a positive impact on the environment. Check out our Packaging Optimiser to learn more.
  • Custom packaging is a marketing opportunity. The packaging a business uses for shipping is usually the biggest self-owned media that a company has. This makes it a valuable marketing opportunity. By printing packaging with your logo, branding and messaging, you’re communicating with your customers and reinforcing your brand identity.
  • Custom packaging can help you deliver an amazing customer experience. Whatever industry you’re in, your packaging is an important first impression. Your packaging materials can make the difference between a product arriving damages or not. Plus, if you’re shipping to consumers, our latest unboxing research shows that over 40% of people are influenced to buy again by branded packaging and a memorable unboxing experience!
What are the benefits of custom packaging?

There are lots of benefits of choosing custom designed packaging to ship your products. Here are just a few:

  • It helps better protect your products
  • It improves your customer experience
  • It can help build your brand awareness
  • It contributes your packing operation be more sustainable
  • It can reduce damages and returns
  • It could reduce your shipping costs
How to get custom packaging for small businesses?

If you’re a small business and want bespoke packaging, get in touch with your requirements. We can provide you with a free quote and let you know if there are many minimum order quantities associated with the packaging you want.

Its worth bearing in mind that there are certain factors that can influence the cost of custom packaging and the minimum order quantity (MOQ) that will apply:

  • The more complex the design or print (e.g. 4 colours vs. 2) – this may increase the cost and/or MOQ
  • The size of your packaging – this can influence the MOQ. The smaller the product you need, the higher the MOQ is likely to be. If you think about a cardboard box, these are often made out of big sheets of cardboard. If the box is small, more will be able to be produced out of the sheet, compared to a larger size box…

For other ways to brand your small business packaging, check out our packaging 101 guide.

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You can have custom packaging designed by delivered to you from one of our regional distribution centres. UK delivery of bespoke packaging is available to and around the following locations:

Aberdeen, Aylesbury, Banbury, Barnsley, Bath, Bedford, Bicester, Birmingham , Bolton, Bradford, Bridgewater, Bridport, Bristol, Burton-upon-Trent , Cambridge, Chelmsford , Cheltenham, Chester , Chichester, Colchester Cornwall, Coventry, Crewe, Derby, Devon, Dewsbury, Dudley, Dundee, Durham, Edinburgh, Essex, Exeter, Fareham, Gateshead, Glasgow Glossop Gloucester, Grantham, Harlow, Heathrow, Hemel Hempstead, Hereford, High Wycombe, Horsham, Hull, Inverness, Isle of Wight, Kent, Kidderminster, Lancaster  Leamington Spa, Leeds, Lincoln, Liverpool , London , Luton , Manchester, Middlesborough, Milton Keynes, Newbury, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Norfolk, North Wales , Northampton, Nottingham , Oldham, Oxford , Plymouth, Reading, Salisbury, Sheffield, Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury, Slough, Somerset , Somerton, South Shields, South Wales, Stafford, Stockport , Stoke-on-Trent , Stratford-Upon-Avon, Sudbury, Sunderland, Surrey, Sussex , Teesside, Telford, Uxbridge, Wakefield, Walsall, Warrington, Warwick , Watford, Wigan, Windsor, Wolverhampton, Worcester, Wrexham, Yeovil, York.

You can also have bespoke packaging from Macfarlane Packaging delivered across Ireland and Continental Europe. Click to find your closest UK location or nearest Continental European site.

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