4 postal packaging solutions for a great unboxing experience

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We all know how important it is to make a good first impression. The better your customer’s experience when opening your package, the greater their likelihood of returning to your brand and, more importantly, recommending it to others.

According to our 2022 unboxing research, 61% of consumers get more excited about a parcel arriving if the packaging is branded, and 52% are likely to purchase again from a retailer if their delivery arrives in premium packaging! We also found that 27% of consumers won’t purchase from a retailer if their packaging isn’t sustainable.

In this blog post, we will help you decide which postal packaging solution is best for your products. We will look at what makes a great unboxing experience, review packaging features that help enhance it and suggest some great packaging solutions to wow your customers with elegant product presentations.

postal packaging solutions for a great unboxing experience

Which postal packaging solution should I choose?

The type of postal packaging you should use will depend on the products you’re shipping. You should consider the size and weight of your products, how fragile and breakable they are, and whether you are shipping single or multiple items in the same parcel.

Your packaging needs to be durable enough to protect your products in transit and should be the right size for your products, with no excessive material. This way, you can maximise transit protection, cut down on unnecessary material waste, and make sure your parcels look great when they arrive with your customers. All this helps create a great unboxing experience.

The ease of opening and returning your parcels can make a big difference in how customers perceive your brand. For example, if they struggle to open the packaging and can’t reuse it for a return, leaving them with the hassle of finding alternative packaging, this won’t make a great impression…

Factors such as how sustainable and recyclable your packaging is also play an important role in how customers perceive your brand. Too much packaging, or not knowing how to properly dispose of it, can be annoying, especially if you have to divide the pack before throwing it away.

What makes a great unboxing experience?

When it comes to unboxing, the first rule is to make it as simple as possible for your customers. Your packaging should be easy to open, easy to recycle, dispose of or reuse, and easy to return.

Don’t overpack. It is inefficient and can be a pain for customers to get rid of all the excess material.  

Remember, presentation is key. If you spend a lot of money on a product, you want to feel like you made a good investment.

Lastly, don’t forget to add a bit of surprise. In-box messages, colourful tissue or shredded papers, personalised notes… all this makes your customers feel extra special.

postal packaging solutions for a great unboxing experience

Packaging features that enhance unboxing experience

There are several features you can add to your packaging to ensure it delivers the wow factor your products deserve, including:

  • Tear strips – Making your packages easy and enjoyable to open will improve the unboxing experience. Solutions with built-in tear strips are a good option, as customers can simply pull the strip off the package – no scissors required! Once the strip is removed, it can’t be added back in, giving your customers peace of mind that no one tampered with the contents of their package before they got it.
  • Self-seal strip – this simple solution will remove the need to tape your packaging, keeping it neat and tidy and protecting it from accidental opening during transport.
  • Branding – If you’re looking to add a personal touch to your packaging, why not print your company logo or a custom message on the packaging itself? Packaging can also be printed inside if you’re concerned about security, which is a great way to surprise your customers when they open your parcels.
  • Finishing touches – Add tissue or shredded paper to your postal box to elevate product presentation. Tissue paper can also be branded with your company name and logo to create a more personalised experience for your customers.
  • Connected packaging – printing your packaging with QR codes provides a more effective way to communicate and engage with your customers. It also makes sure that your packaging isn’t the end of the customer journey but rather an integral part of your brand’s overall experience.
postal packaging solutions for a great unboxing experience

Packaging solutions for a memorable unboxing experience

Below are four postal packaging solutions to help you deliver a great unboxing experience.

  1. eCommerce Boxes are a great postal packaging solution for online retailers and 3PLs. There are different types available, including boxes with a crash-lock base, which makes them quick and easy to assemble.eCommerce boxes come with peel and stick closures, so there’s no need to use packing tape. This helps save time, ensuring you pack more products and get them out the door quicker. Many also have easy-open tear strips, so the end customer can access their parcels easily. Consider adding tissue or shredded paper inside the box to elevate product presentation. Extra features, such as Korrvu inserts – a strong, highly-resilient low-slip film to surround your products, will help protect your goods from shock and vibration during transit while ensuring a beautiful presentation.
  2. Postal wraps are a great alternative to postal boxes, ideal for sending products, such as books, DVDs, board games and other, low-profile items. They fit tightly around your items, ensuring enhanced protection and smart product presentation with no additional cushioning material required. Similarly to eCommerce boxes, they can come with a self-seal closure and a tear strip for easy opening. They can be used to pack singular or multiple items and come in a wide variety of sizes to choose from.
  3. Postal envelopes are a great, flexible solution for posting items that need lightweight protection, such as CDs, DVDs, books, jewellery, documents, magazines, artwork prints and fashion accessories. They are simple to use – just pop your item in one of the envelopes, seal using the peel-and-seal closure, and you’re ready to post!
  4. Flexi-Hex – if you are shipping bottles and are looking for an eco-friendly, paper-based packaging solution, Flexi-Hex bottle packs are the perfect solution option for you. This unique bottle packaging features an expanding honeycomb sleeve that fits securely around bottles to protect them in transit. It’s 100% kerbside recyclable and can be composted. It is also available with outer boxes for easy posting.
postal packaging solutions for a great unboxing experience

Need help choosing postal packaging?

If you are unsure which postal packaging solution is the best for your items, our friendly team of packaging experts is here to help you. We can discuss your specific requirements and talk you through the different options available. We can also help with custom packaging solutions, including custom sizes and print, as well as packaging automation.