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Machine Pallet Wrap and Stretch Film from Macfarlane Packaging

Boost your packing operations with Macfarlane Packaging’s range of machine pallet wrap and stretch film. Our solutions optimise load protection and streamline packaging processes.

Our high-quality machine pallet wrap and stretch film are specially designed for seamless integration with pallet wrapping machines. Our offerings enhance load protection, reduce waste, and optimise packaging practises.

Quick facts about our machine film

  • Our machine pallet wrap and stretch film are tailor-made for use with pallet wrapping machines, ensuring efficient and consistent wrapping.
  • Choose from a range of thicknesses, including extra light, light, medium, heavy, and super heavy, to match your load requirements.
  • Clear or Black Film: Opt for clear or black machine stretch film, catering to your specific packaging needs.
  • Extensive Roll Selection: Select from a wide range of roll lengths, ranging from 1100m to 3500mm, to suit various load sizes.
  • Enhanced Stretch: Benefit from films with up to 250% stretch, ensuring superior load stability and security during transit.
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions: Our range also includes options with 30% recycled content, contributing to sustainable packaging practices.

Our range of Machine Applied Stretch Film

(mm x m)
Buy or Enquire
000686Power Pre-Cast
Stretch Film
75Extra Light*250500 x 280046BUY NOW
275639Power Pre-Cast
Stretch Film
75Super Light*250500 x 210046ENQUIRE NOW
001560Power Pre-Cast
Stretch Film
75Light*200500 x 200046BUY NOW
235877Power Pre-Cast
Stretch Film
75Light*250500 x 200046ENQUIRE NOW
002468Power Pre-Cast
Stretch Film
75Medium**200500 x 170046BUY NOW
235878Power Pre-Cast
Stretch Film
75Medium**250500 x 170046ENQUIRE NOW
009095Power Pre-Cast
Stretch Film
75Heavy**200500 x 150046BUY NOW
235880Power Pre-Cast
Stretch Film
75Heavy**250500 x 150046ENQUIRE NOW
001746Power Pre-Cast
Stretch Film
75Super Heavy**200500 x 110046ENQUIRE NOW
001232Black Cast
Stretch Film
75Heavy**500 x 150046BUY NOW
Pre-Strech Film
75Light*430 x 350048ENQUIRE NOW

Environmental Impact Rating – Machine Applied Stretch Film

Our Environmental Impact Rating (EIR) shows an OPRL recycling label, the recycling category of the packaging material and the recycled content contained in the material. * film has 0% recycled content

** film has minimum 30% recycled content


recycle with bags


4 ldpe

Recycled Content

30 min
0 recycled

Free stretch and pallet wrap guide download

Macfarlane Packaging stretch wrap and pallet wrap guide - free download. Image shows front cover f guide featuring a pallet wrapped in stretch film.

Our FREE guide to stretch and pallet wrap will:

  • Explain the different types of stretch films
  • Show you the different applications that can be used
  • Help you understand which is the best stretch film for you
  • Show you Macfarlane’s extensive range of stretch film (including hand applied cast stretch films, stretch film dispensers, handywrap starter kits and more!)
  • Discuss stretch and pallet wrap automation
  • Provide a guide to packaging and recycling
  • Tackle frequently asked questions (FAQS) about stretch and pallet wrap

Machine Pallet Wrap FAQs

What is machine stretch film?

Machine stretch film, also known as machine pallet wrap, is a specialised packaging material used in combination with pallet wrapping machines for securing and stabilising loads on pallets. It is a highly stretchable plastic film designed to tightly wrap around palletised goods, providing protection, stability, and containment during storage and transportation.

Key characteristics of machine stretch film:

  • High Stretchability: Machine stretch film possesses exceptional stretchability, allowing it to be elongated and applied tightly around the load. This property ensures that the film conforms closely to the shape of the items on the pallet.
  • Load Stability: By securely wrapping the load, machine stretch film prevents shifting, movement, and potential damage during transit. It holds the items together as a single unit, reducing the risk of spills, breakage, and tampering.
  • Thickness Options: Machine stretch film is available in various thicknesses, ranging from light to heavy-duty, to accommodate different load sizes and weight requirements.
  • Roll Lengths: It comes in a range of roll lengths, providing flexibility for various pallet dimensions and heights.
  • Clear or Coloured: Machine stretch film is available in both clear and coloured options, allowing for easy identification and differentiation of pallets.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: When used with pallet wrapping machines, machine stretch film speeds up the packaging process, ensuring uniform wrapping and minimising the need for manual labour.
  • Recycled Content: Eco-conscious options with recycled content are available, promoting sustainability in packaging practices.

In summary, machine stretch film is a versatile packaging solution that ensures load integrity, stability, and protection through efficient and automated wrapping with pallet wrapping machines.

What is the difference between shrink wrap and pallet wrap?

Shrink wrap and pallet wrap, often referred to as stretch film, are both commonly used for packaging and protecting goods, but they serve different purposes and have distinct characteristics:

Shrink Wrap:

  • Application Method: Shrink wrap is applied by enclosing the product or item in the wrap and then using heat to shrink the wrap tightly around the item.
  • Material: Shrink wrap is typically made from polyethylene plastic.
  • Shrinking Process: When heat is applied to shrink wrap, it contracts and conforms tightly to the shape of the item, creating a sealed and protective barrier.
  • Protection: Shrink wrap provides a secure seal that protects items from dirt, moisture, and tampering. It is often used for packaging individual products or items.
  • Appearance: Shrink wrap creates a smooth and tight finish around the packaged item, giving it a professional look.
  • Common Applications: Shrink wrap is commonly used for packaging CDs, DVDs, books, electronics, and other individual products.

Pallet Wrap (Stretch Film):

  • Application Method: Pallet wrap, or stretch film, is applied by wrapping it around palletised goods or items to secure and stabilise them on a pallet.
  • Material: Pallet wrap is made from polyethylene plastic as well, but it is formulated with stretch properties to provide elasticity.
  • Stretching Process: Pallet wrap is stretched during application, and it clings tightly to itself and the items on the pallet as it reverts to its original size.
  • Protection: Pallet wrap holds the items on a pallet together, preventing shifting, movement, and potential damage during transit.
  • Appearance: Pallet wrap creates a layered and overlapping look around the entire pallet, optimising load stability.
  • Common Applications: Pallet wrap is primarily used for securing large quantities of items on pallets, ensuring they remain intact during transportation and storage.

In summary, while both shrink wrap and pallet wrap are made from plastic materials, they have distinct methods of application, purposes, and appearances. Shrink wrap is used to tightly enclose and seal individual products, while pallet wrap is used to secure and stabilise multiple items on a pallet.

Is pre-stretch film better than stretch film?

Stretch Film:

  • Stretching During Application: Stretch film is stretched manually or using a dispenser as it’s applied to the load, providing tension, and securing the items on the pallet.
  • Load Stability: Stretch film provides effective load stability and protection, preventing shifting and potential damage during transit.
  • Variability in Tension: The amount of tension applied to the stretch film during wrapping can vary based on the person applying it, potentially leading to inconsistent results.
  • Ease of Use: Stretch film is user-friendly and requires minimal training for application.
  • Flexibility: Stretch film can be used for various load sizes and types.
  • Cost-Effective: Stretch film tends to be more cost-effective compared to pre-stretch film.

Pre-Stretch Film:

  • Stretching Before Application: Pre-stretch film is stretched during the manufacturing process before it’s wound onto the roll, so it has already undergone stretching.
  • Load Stability: Pre-stretch film also provides excellent load stability, and because it’s pre-stretched, it can maintain consistent tension throughout the application.
  • Consistency: Pre-stretch film offers consistent tension and wrapping results, reducing the risk of overstretching or uneven application.
  • Efficiency: Pre-stretch film can lead to faster wrapping times as less effort is needed to apply it to the load.
  • Less Material Usage: Due to the pre-stretching process, pre-stretch film can require less material to achieve the same level of load security, potentially reducing overall film usage.
  • Higher Initial Cost: Pre-stretch film tends to have a slightly higher upfront cost compared to regular stretch film.

In summary, both stretch film and pre-stretch film have their advantages. Pre-stretch film offers consistent tension, potential material savings, and increased efficiency, making it a preferred choice for many businesses with higher packaging volumes. However, if your operation requires flexibility, simplicity, and lower initial costs, regular stretch film might be the better option. It’s important to evaluate your specific needs and preferences when choosing between the two.

Custom machine pallet wrap and stretch film

Take your machine pallet wrap and stretch film to the next level with Macfarlane Packaging’s customised service. Our in-house team of experts offer tailored machine pallet wrap and stretch film, with customised solutions to optimise your load protection and further your brand.

custom machine applied tapes macfarlane packaging

Machine pallet wrap wholesale available across the UK and beyond. You can have machine stretch film delivered to you from one of our regional distribution centres. UK delivery is available to and around the following locations:

Aberdeen, Aylesbury, Banbury, Barnsley, Bath, Bedford, Bicester, Birmingham , Bolton, Bradford, Bridgewater, Bridport, Bristol, Burton-upon-Trent , Cambridge, Chelmsford , Cheltenham, Chester , Chichester, Colchester Cornwall, Coventry, Crewe, Derby, Devon, Dewsbury, Dudley, Dundee, Durham, Edinburgh, Essex, Exeter, Fareham, Gateshead, Glasgow Glossop Gloucester, Grantham, Harlow, Heathrow, Hemel Hempstead, Hereford, High Wycombe, Horsham, Hull, Inverness, Isle of Wight, Kent, Kidderminster, Lancaster  Leamington Spa, Leeds, Lincoln, Liverpool , London , Luton , Manchester, Middlesborough, Milton Keynes, Newbury, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Norfolk, North Wales , Northampton, Nottingham , Oldham, Oxford , Plymouth, Reading, Salisbury, Sheffield, Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury, Slough, Somerset , Somerton, South Shields, South Wales, Stafford, Stockport , Stoke-on-Trent , Stratford-Upon-Avon, Sudbury, Sunderland, Surrey, Sussex , Teesside, Telford, Uxbridge, Wakefield, Walsall, Warrington, Warwick , Watford, Wigan, Windsor, Wolverhampton, Worcester, Wrexham, Yeovil, York.

You can also have machine pallet wrap film from Macfarlane Packaging delivered across Ireland and Continental Europe. Click to find your closest UK location or nearest Continental European site.