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Secure your shipments with quality mahcine applied strapping from Macfarlane Packaging

When it comes to safeguarding your goods during transit or storage, trust Macfarlane Packaging’s superior Polypropylene Machine Applied Strapping. Our strapping is designed to ensure your shipments remain intact and protected.

We stock popular polypropylene machine strapping for both semi and fully automated machines. Perfect for quickly and efficiently securing pallets and products in high demand environment.

Choose Macfarlane Packaging’s Polypropylene Machine Applied Strapping for unbeatable security, cost-efficiency, and peace of mind. Ensure your products reach their destination intact and make smart packaging choices that benefit your bottom line.

Our range of Polypropylene Machine-Applied Strapping

Approx. Breaking
Strain (kg)
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001017Semi-Auto Machine370090.55100200 x 1902BUY ONLINE
000693Semi-Auto Machine2700120.55135200 x 1902BUY ONLINE
121740Fully-Auto Machine3000120.55145200 x 1902ENQUIRE NOW

Environmental Impact Rating – Polypropylene Machine-Applied Strapping

Our Environmental Impact Rating (EIR) shows an OPRL recycling label, the recycling category of the packaging material and the recycled content contained in the material.


do not recycle


5 pp

Recycled Content

50 min

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Our FREE guide to Strapping and pallet banding will:

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Machine Applied Strapping & Pallet Banding FAQs

What is Machine Applied Strapping?

Machine applied also known as machine strapping or banding, is a packaging process that uses automated machinery to securely bind items together for transport or storage. It involves the use of strapping machines to apply straps, typically made of materials like polypropylene or polyester, around packages, pallets, or products to hold them firmly in place.

Here’s how it works:

  • Feeding: The strapping machine feeds the strapping material from a coil or spool.
  • Tensioning: The strapping is pulled tight around the item or pallet, providing the necessary tension to secure the load.
  • Sealing: The machine seals the strapping by heat sealing (in the case of polypropylene) or using friction welding (for polyester).
  • Cutting: Excess strapping is trimmed off, leaving a neat, secure strap in place.

Machine applied strapping is widely used in various industries for packaging, including logistics, manufacturing, and distribution. It offers several advantages, including speed, consistency, and enhanced security compared to hand-applied strapping. Moreover, it can be integrated into automated production lines for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

This method ensures that items are securely bound, minimising the risk of movement, damage, or loss during transit. It’s an essential solution for businesses that require reliable and efficient packaging processes.

What are the benefits of machine applied strapping?

Machine Applied Strapping offers several benefits for businesses in various industries, including:

  • Efficiency: Strapping machines are faster and more consistent than manual strapping. They can apply straps quickly and accurately, reducing packaging time and labour costs.
  • Cost Savings: Automation reduces the need for manual labour, leading to lower labour expenses. Additionally, machine-applied strapping can minimize material waste because it uses precise lengths of strapping.
  • Consistency: Machines ensure uniform tension and sealing, reducing the risk of strapping failures during transportation. This consistency helps maintain the integrity of the packaged items.
  • Increased Security: Machine strapping provides a high level of security. Straps are tightly and uniformly applied, preventing items from shifting or falling during transit, which can reduce damage and losses.
  • Integration: Strapping machines can be integrated into existing production lines, streamlining the packaging process, and enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Versatility: Machine strapping is suitable for a wide range of applications, from bundling smaller products to securing large, palletised loads.
  • Material Options: Businesses can choose from different strapping materials, including polypropylene and polyester, depending on their specific needs and budget.
  • Reliability: Machine-applied strapping is highly reliable. Once properly set up, it consistently produces secure and tamper-evident packaging.
  • Safety: Automation reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries associated with manual strapping.
  • Professional Appearance: Strapping machines produce neat and uniform straps, giving packages a more professional and appealing appearance.

In summary, machine applied strapping offers improved efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced security compared to manual strapping methods. It’s a valuable solution for businesses seeking to optimise their packaging processes and deliver products securely to customers.

Tailored Machine Applied Strapping

If you need an alternative to the polypropylene machine strapping we stock as standard, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

We can supply machine strapping in different materials, colours widths and thicknesses. Speak to us today to learn more.

custom packaging machine applied strapping

Machine applied Strapping & Banding wholesale available across the UK and beyond. You can have Machine Pallet Banding and Machine Applide Strapping delivered to you from one of our regional distribution centres. UK delivery is available to and around the following locations:

Aberdeen, Aylesbury, Banbury, Barnsley, Bath, Bedford, Bicester, Birmingham , Bolton, Bradford, Bridgewater, Bridport, Bristol, Burton-upon-Trent , Cambridge, Chelmsford , Cheltenham, Chester , Chichester, Colchester Cornwall, Coventry, Crewe, Derby, Devon, Dewsbury, Dudley, Dundee, Durham, Edinburgh, Essex, Exeter, Fareham, Gateshead, Glasgow Glossop Gloucester, Grantham, Harlow, Heathrow, Hemel Hempstead, Hereford, High Wycombe, Horsham, Hull, Inverness, Isle of Wight, Kent, Kidderminster, Lancaster  Leamington Spa, Leeds, Lincoln, Liverpool , London , Luton , Manchester, Middlesborough, Milton Keynes, Newbury, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Norfolk, North Wales , Northampton, Nottingham , Oldham, Oxford , Plymouth, Reading, Salisbury, Sheffield, Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury, Slough, Somerset , Somerton, South Shields, South Wales, Stafford, Stockport , Stoke-on-Trent , Stratford-Upon-Avon, Sudbury, Sunderland, Surrey, Sussex , Teesside, Telford, Uxbridge, Wakefield, Walsall, Warrington, Warwick , Watford, Wigan, Windsor, Wolverhampton, Worcester, Wrexham, Yeovil, York.

You can also have Machine Strapping from Macfarlane Packaging delivered across Ireland and Continental Europe. Click to find your closest UK location or nearest Continental European site.