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Auto strapping machines can…

Make your operation fast, efficient and flexible

Automation speed

Auto strapping machines and friction welders can dramatically increase speed and throughput, all while lowering packaging and labour costs, giving you a rapid return on investment.

Keep your products safe and secure for shipping

Automation safety

Implementing automatic strapping machines ensures your products are secured and protected effectively, allowing you to control and scale your packaging quality.

Lower packaging costs by reducing the material you use

automation efficiency

Using automatic strapping machines helps you control the amount of materials used to budnle products and secure pallets, minimising waste and creating a more sustainable packaging operation. ​

Improve your packing process with automatic strapping machines

Transform your efficiency with cutting-edge automatic strapping solutions from Macfarlane Packaging

Our dedicated automation experts can seamlessly integrate strapping automation technology to augment your packing processes.

  • Diverse range of strapping machiens available, including automatic and semi-automatic systems.
  • Automatic strapping and banding machines available with both battery-powered and mains-powered options.
  • Choose from compact solutions that maximise space through to complex and customisable systems for high-demand environments.

Browse strapping machines, banding machines and friction welders available from Macfarlane Packaging

This is just a small range of the bag automation systems we can provide. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, contact us today to arrange an appointment with one of our automation experts. We can deliver tailor-made strapping and banding solutions for your operation.

friction welder

Friction Welder & Battery Operated Strapping Tool

An easy-to-use entry level friction welder for use with both polypropylene and polyester strapping.

Ideal for securing pallets, this ergonomic battery-operated strapping tool is portable and lightweight. It can be used for vertical and horizontal strapping and operated with just one hand. Tension force and sealing time are adjustable.

  • Dimensions: 140 x 290 x 165 mm (W x L x H)
  • Works with polypropylene or polyester strapping that is 10 mm, 13 mm or 16 mm wide and between 0.5 to 1.1mm thick.
  • Weights just 3.6 kg including the battery
  • Adjustable tension and sealing time for operational flexibility
  • Powered with a rechargeable lithium
  • Choice of optional brackets, wearing plates and spare batteries

StraPack iQ-400 Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

The iQ-400 is a semi-automatic strapping machine with dual tension mode. This allows for a wide variety of applications at the flick of a switch.

A durable strapping machine designed to withstand various packing environments; it is incredibly quiet to operate. This semi-auto strapping machine works with polypropylene strapping and will quickly tension, seal and cut strapping all in one go.

  • Produces up to 24 straps per minute
  • Quiet and compact – perfect for smaller spaces
  • Use with polypropylene strapping from 5 to 15.5mm wide
  • Automatically tensions, cuts and seals for enhanced productivity
  • Offers tensioning force between 15 to 45kg
  • Adjustable heigh to reduce operator back strain

StraPack SQ-800 Automatic Strapping Machine

An efficient and high-speed automatic strapping machine, the SQ-800 offers up to 55 straps per minute. It has a wide range of tensioning modes for excellent flexibility and can be ready to operate in less than 25 seconds.

Ideal for high-demand environments, this automatic strapping machine has a built-in foot bar and adjustable height for operator comfort.

  • Works with polypropylene machine strapping
  • Can apply banding in different thicknesses from strapping thicknesses of 5 to 15.5mm
  • Delivers up to 55 straps per minute for ultimate efficiency
  • Adjustable operating height to reduce strain
  • Offers tensioning capability up to 80kg
  • Easy to load and re-feed, reducing down time and further enhancing productivity
  • Simple to maintain with self-lubricating design to reduce wear and tear

StraPack OB-360 N Automatic Banding Machine

The StraPack OB-360B is a versatile auto strapping machine that provides high-speed branding, offering up to 30 cycles per minute. It can apply paper or film tape, giving the flexibility to use the type of banding that best suits your product.

Suitable for a wide range of packages, this automatic banding  machine will band packages as small as 30mm wide x 10mm high, up to 420mm wide x 210mm high.

  • Automatic banding machine that works with paper or film tape
  • High speed, offering enhanced productivity and up to 30 cycles per minute
  • Simple to operate with foot pedal or push button
  • Adjustable tension, up to 6kg
StraPack OB_360N Banding Machine

StraPack JK-5000 Automatic Strapping Machine

This affordable automatic strapping machine can produce up to 37 staps per minute, offering improved productivity.

It runs strapping from 9mm to 12 wide and provides easy changeovers and auto-re-feed features to reduce downtime.

  • High-speed auto strapping, up to 37 straps per minute
  • Works with polypropylene strapping
  • Quick and easy changeovers with auto re-feed
  • Jam resistant to reduce downtime
  • Tensions, cuts and seals strapping automatically
  • Provides tension up to 40kg

StraPack D-53PLT2 Semi-Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine

If you’re looking for a strapping machine that’s perfect for securing pallets, the D-53PLT2 Semi-Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine is an excellent choice.

It can quickly strap pallets with polypropylene strapping in less than 2 seconds! This portable semi auto strapping machine can be easily moved around your warehouse and works with pallets as low as 350mm.

  • Simple and efficient press-button operated strapping machine for securing pallets
  • Works with polypropylene standard of heavier duty strapping
  • Offers four-way pallet entry to cross straps when required
  • Secures a pallet in 2 seconds, increasing productivity
  • Choose from mains powered or battery powered models
  • Variable tension settings up to 70kg
  • Robust and portable, for flexible working across your warehouse

FAQs about strapping automation

What is a strapping machine?

Strapping machines wrap bands (straps) of plastic or steel around a pallet of goods to ensure it is secure in transit. They ensure strapping is tight and properly secured. Tension can be adjusted, and straps are usually heat-sealed. It is seen as a vital piece of equipment by most logistics operations.

How do strapping and banding machines work?

Semi-automatic strapping machines tighten a strap around a product that has been manually placed on the machine table. The operator has to wrap the strap around the placed product and then feed the end of the strap into a slot in the machine. This starts the process. When the strap has been tightened, the machine seals the end and cuts it off.

An automatic strapping machine has an arch over the table, via which the machine can automatically loop the strap around the product. Some are operated by a footswitch or by a push button, but fully automatic machines have conveyor belts and sensors to position a pack quickly and accurately before applying the strapping. Macfarlane Packaging offers machines that can secure a pallet in two seconds and others that apply up to 37 straps a minute.

What is a strapping machine used for?

Strapping machines are used to secure pallets and packs for shipping by applying tightened plastic or metal strapping. This strapping makes the load stable, ensuring easier handling while protecting the product being shipped.

What is a friction welder?

It is a hand-held strapping tool with a friction weld function to seal a strap in place. It operates by generating friction between the ends of the strapping material, typically made of plastic or polyester, which creates enough heat to melt and fuse the ends together. This process forms a strong and secure seal, effectively holding the items being packaged in place. The friction welder is manually operated, allowing users to quickly and efficiently seal the strapping without the need for additional tools or equipment. It is a convenient and versatile solution for securing various types of packages and parcels during transit.

How do friction welders work?

Hand-held strapping machines have a friction weld function that generates heat to weld a plastic strap in place, rather than having to tie it off or use an adhesive. Semi and automatic strapping machines also use friction welding to secure straps in place. The heat generated by this process causes the two ends of the plastic strap to fuse, creating a very strong bond.

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  • Help identify ways in which warehouse space can be used efficiently.

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