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Void fill machines and air pillow machines can…

Make your operation fast, efficient and flexible

Automation speed

Automated paper void fill and air pillow machines can dramatically reduce the time and hassle involved in packing your products securely, increasing throughput for effortless dispatch.

Keep your products safe and secure for shipping

Automation safety

Protective automation systems dispense paper void fill and air pillows to ensure your product has all-round protection for safe transit. Most paper materials are recycled or recyclable and the inflatable plastic systems protect your products with air so pack weights are low.

Save space and help you control labour costs

automation efficiency

Void fill and air pillow machines come in a range of brands, specs and sizes to suit all operations and environments. The speed and efficiency they offer can also help you reduce labour costs and reallocate resources.

Improve your product protection with automated paper cushioning, void fill and air pillow machines

Maximise efficiency with a protective automation solution from Macfarlane Packaging

Our automation experts can seamlessly integrate protective automation machines into your packaging operation.

  • A wide range of protective automation machinery available.
  • Choice of equipment brands includes Ranpak branded paper void fill systems and cushioning systems, as well as air pillow machines and other inflatable systems from trusted names like Sealed Air and Pregis.
  • Consumable papers and films can be supplied alongside protective automation equipment.
  • Packaging experts are on hand to tailor solutions to your operation and integrate them into existing packing areas.
  • Range of financial options on offer to spread the cost on larger purchases.

Browse void fill machines and air cushion machines available from Macfarlane Packaging

This is just a small range of the protective automation systems we can provide. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, contact us today to arrange an appointment with one of our automation experts. We can deliver tailor-made solutions for your operation.

macfarlane packagin void fill machine

Sealed Air Fill-Air Rocket® Inflatable Air Pillow Machine

The Fill-Air Rocket® inflatable void fill system is an air pillow machine that’s ideal for producing on-demand protective material. Enjoy up to 100ft of void fill cushions per minute, ensuring you can keep up with demand in even the most high-paced packing environments.

  • Plug-and-play machine, that does not require compressed air to operate.
  • Rapidly provides protective material, helping you pack your products with ease.
  • Compact footprint, so it can be integrated into existing packing stations.
  • Simple and easy to operate, this void fill machine features an ergonomic design that improves film feed and bag length detection for optimally inflated air pillows.

Airsac® Inflatable Packaging Automation Systems

Ideal for environments that need to combine superior product protection and speedy dispatch, Airsac® inflation machines work with our Airsac® inflatable packaging.

  • Choice of semi and fully automated Airsac cushioning machines and tabletop systems.
  • Inflate Airsac® bags and Airsac on a Roll in seconds, including our popular wine bottle Airsacs, electronics Airsac, and Airsac end caps, many of which contain 50% recycled content.
  • Designed to offer consistent inflation pressures, these protective packaging machines can reduce waste associated with overinflation compared to manual processes.

Ranpak Paper Void Fill machines & Cushioning Systems

Macfarlane Packaging can supply a wide selection of Ranpak paper void fill and cushioning systems. Machines we can offer include:

  • Geami HV® and new Geami MV® converted for Geami WrapPak paper
  • FillPak®, FillPak Trident™, FillPak® M, FillPak TT® and FillPak TTC® on demand paper void fill machines
  • PadPak Guardian®, PadPak® LC, PadPak CC®, PadPak JR® and PadPak® SR paper cushioning machines 
  • The WrapPak® paper padding system

Sealed Air NewAir I.B Flex™ Void Fill Machine

An innovative bubble wrap on-demand system, the Sealed Air New Air I.B. Flex™ machine can produce up to 90 feet of inflatable packaging every minute. It works with a wide range of films, including recycled content options.

  • Fast, efficient inflation of packing material, to get more product out the door.
  • A small and compact void fill machine, that works well in cellular packing environment.
  • Optimal inflation reduces excess material by up to 50% and provides superior damage protection.
  • Quality-made machine with high-performance materials and coating to ensure a long lifespan and reduced downtime.
  • Works with extensive choice of films, including pouches and quilts of different sizes and specifications to suit your protection requirements.
macfarlane packaging bubble wrap machine
Pregis MINI PAK’R® Inflatable Air Pillow Machine

Pregis MINI PAK’R® Inflatable Air Pillow Machine

The MINI PAK’R® is a small, easy to use air pillow system that allows you to produce protective void fill on demand. Choose different types of air cushions to suit your protection requirements.

  • An easy-to-use machine, plug in the machine, load the film and it’s ready to go!
  • Quick and versatile, this void fill machine can dispense up to 7.5 of air cushions per minute.
  • Wide range of films available, choose from 50% or 30% recycled content options, as well as different air pillow sizes and styles.
  • Perfect for space-limited environments, the MINI PAK’R® will fit almost anywhere!
  • Choose from a range of accessories to make your packing process as efficient as possible, including a mobile mount and hopper, as well as a top fil hopper that can be integrated into packing areas.

FAQs about void fill machines and air cushion machines

Why use air pillows?

Air pillows offer several advantages for transit packaging. They are lightweight, reducing shipping costs by adding minimal weight while providing effective cushioning. The air-filled design absorbs shocks and impacts, safeguarding contents during transit. Air pillows also adapt to the shape of the items, filling void spaces efficiently and preventing movement within the box. They are quick to produce and easy to use, enhancing packing efficiency. Additionally, these pillows can be deflated, taking up less storage space before use. Many are made from recyclable materials, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional packing materials like Styrofoam peanuts.

What is an air cushion machine?

An air cushion machine is a device used to produce inflatable cushions and air pillows for protective packaging. These machines inflate various sizes of polyethylene or biodegradable film to create air-filled cushions, effectively securing and cushioning products during shipping and handling. They reduce packaging material waste and storage space compared to traditional packing materials like Styrofoam peanuts or paper.

What is void fill?

Void fill refers to materials used to fill empty spaces in packaging to prevent items from shifting and getting damaged during transit. Common void fill materials include air pillows, foam peanuts, bubble wrap, and crumpled paper. These materials provide cushioning and stability, enhancing the safety of products during shipping and handling.

How do I void fill a box?

Void filling a box effectively is crucial to ensure the items inside are secure and protected during transit. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

1. Select the Right Box: Choose a box that fits your items snugly, with just enough room for necessary padding. Excess space can lead to more movement and potential damage.

2. Wrap the Items: Individually wrap each item in protective material such as bubble wrap, foam sheets, or packing paper. This adds an initial layer of protection against shocks and scratches.

3. Place the Items in the Box: Arrange your wrapped items inside the box. Try to position heavier items at the bottom and lighter ones on top.

4. Add Void Fill Material: Use void fill materials like air pillows, foam peanuts, crumpled paper, or bubble wrap to fill empty spaces around and between the items. Ensure all sides, corners, and crevices are filled so the items cannot move inside the box. The goal is to immobilize the items, preventing them from shifting during handling and transport.

5. Test the Packing: Gently shake the box to see if there is movement. If you hear items moving, open the box and add more void fill until everything is snug.

6. Seal the Box: Once you are satisfied that the items are secure, close the box flaps and seal them with strong packing tape. Tape across the box seams and edges to reinforce them.

7. Label the Box: Mark the box as “Fragile” if it contains breakable items, and ensure that it is clear which side is up, if necessary.

Using the right amount and type of void fill material is key to protecting your goods in transit. Adjust the type and quantity based on the fragility and weight of the items you are shipping.

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