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Paper void fill machines and cushioning machines can…

Protect your products quickly and efficiently

Automation speed

Automated paper void fill systems and paper cushioning machines dramatically improve the speed of your packing operations, enabling you to meet the demands of high-speed production while guaranteeing product protection

Efficiently improve product protection

Automation safety

Paper void fill machines and paper cushioning machines will provide superior protection for your products in storage and transit. They quickly and efficiently provide exactly the right amount of fill per pack, delivering exceptional protection while saving you time and money.

Recycled and recyclable fills reduce your environmental impact

automation efficiency

The systems we offer use recycled or fully recyclable material and the efficiency of the machines eliminates waste. This helps your business and the environment.

Improve product protection – fast

Macfarlane offers an extensive selection of Ranpak branded paper void fill machines and paper cushioning systems that can transform the efficiency of your packing operation.  

• Paper void fill machines we provide include Geami HV and MV; FillPak TT, TTC and Trident; and Ranpak’s range of PadPak systems, like the PadPak Guardian. We can also offfer the heavy-duty WrapPak system.

• All associated consumables are available, including Geami expanding honeycomb paper,  Ranpak’s fan fold paper and lots more!  We can also supply associated equipment like hoppers to hold dispensed material.

• Range of financial options on offer to spread the cost on larger equipment purchases.

• Our paper void fill and cushioning machinery can be integrated into existing packing operations or designed alongside new packing areas.

• Using an automated paper void fill machine or cushioning machines can offer extensive benefits including increased productivity, enhanced product protection, reduced damages in transit, less waste and lower labour costs. 

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This is just a small range of the paper void fill machines we can provide. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, contact us today to arrange an appointment with one of our automation experts. We can deliver tailor-made protective solutions for your operation.

Ranpak Geami MV™

Geami MV is easy to use, highly efficient, and features a smart design for small paper rolls. The compact powered converter is focused on quick and simple operations.

Leverage the sustainable power of paper to wrap and protect products from scratches and surface damage, replacing plastic air bubbles with a modular solution that will fit within a packing environment.

Ranpak Geami HV ®

Ranpak Geami HV®

Geami HV® is a combination of a die-cut FSC Kraft paper and tissue interleaf paper. The Geami HV® converter expands the die-cut paper to a 3D honeycomb structure providing a unique wrapping product.

Ranpak Geami Wrap ’n Go™

The modular set-up of our Geami Wrap ‘n Go™ dispenser means you can choose wall-mounted or table top set-up.  It can also be used with or without the tissue interleaf

Ranpak FillPak® M

Ranpak FillPak® M

Compact and lightweight, the FillPak® M is the ideal choice for non-industrial environments.

• Designed for manual use

• No knife required

• Easy, neat, tear off system

Ranpak FillPak TT®

Fast and flexible, the Ranpak FillPak TT® is ideal for individual pack stations

• Dispenses up to 1.4m of paper per second

• Light and compact

• Battery or mains powered

• Tear of system means no cutting required

• Height adjustable

• Available with table clamp of floor stand

Ranpak FillPak TT®

Ranpak FillPak® TTC with cutter

This compact machine allows effortless void filling on demand

The FillPak® TTC (Cutter) has all the benefits of the standard TT but with an automatic cut mechanism which makes it very appropriate for packing environments where there is a focus on ergonomics.

• User friendly – increased comfort for packer

• High output – 1.4m/sec converting speed

• EDS functionality – pre-set paper lengths

• Foot pedal option available

Ranpak FillPak® TTC with cutter
Ranpak FillPak®

Ranpak FillPak®

The fastest end of line solution for filling boxes in
high volume packing operations

• Runs at high speed (1.4 m/sec) using paper with a width of 76cm
On demand: paper dispensed at point of operation

• Simple to operate: allows operator to focus on filling process
• Minimal downtime: up to 5 paper packs can be glued together for continuous operation

Ranpak FillPakTrident™

The in-line FillPak Trident™ machine features a patented triangular FSC paper shape and can serve the dual purpose of void fill and blocking & bracing for safe product delivery in shipping.

When compared to packing with plastic airbags, FillPak Trident™ offers an overall labour saving of approximately 20%.

Ranpak FillPak  TridentTM
Ranpak FillPak  Trident MiniTM

Ranpak FillPakTrident Mini™

• A 100% FSC paper-based solution

• Can deliver an average 20-25% reduction in paper usage

• Can eliminate the use of non-sustainable plastic-based products

• Flexible and easy to use

• Functions include void fill, blocking, bracing, and fixation

Ranpak PadPak® LC

The PadPak® LC is one of the fastest paper cushioning solutions on the market. It forms 1-ply paper into pads, which protect products during shipping.

•  Easy to load and

• Runs at high speed.

• The paper pads provide cushioning, fixating, and wrapping.

Ranpak PadPak® LC
Ranpak PadPak  Guardian®

Ranpak PadPakGuardian®

PadPak Guardian® simplifies everything, combining multiple benefits in one converter.
• Compact footprint, with reduced size and weight

• produces both 1-ply and 2-ply paper pads

• Converters can be moved easily by operators

• Height adjustable for individual applications.  

Ranpak PadPak® CC

Compact Cushioning

The PadPak®CC dispenses cushioning pads only 11cm wide, allowing them to snugly fit around smaller contents. This means a smaller box can be used and, as a result, less packing material is required.

The compact pads are easy to handle and can be used for a wide range of applications. They are produced on-demand with no bin filling required.

Ranpak PadPak®  CC
Ranpak PadPak JR

Ranpak PadPak JR

High quality paper cushioning for users requiring flexibility

• Protective paper cushioning on demand

• ideal for lower volume packing, including for home office use.

• Compact, portable and easy to use
• Produces 0.3m of paper per second, through an electric feed with manual cutting. • Tabletop and pedestal options available

• Weight 40kg.

Ranpak PadPak® SR

Ranpak PadPak® SR

High quality paper cushioning for users requiring flexibility

• Protective paper cushioning on demand

• ideal for lower volume packing, including for home office use.

• Compact, portable and easy to use
• Produces 0.3m of paper per second, through an electric feed with manual cutting. • Tabletop and pedestal options available

• Weight 40kg.

Ranpak WrapPak® Protector

The WrapPak® Protector creates waved paper pads to solve challenges across many different packaging environments and applications.

• When box lining, its wide paper pads can cover an entire box surface with just one insert.

• Also handles wrapping, blocking-and-bracing, interleaving, and thermal insulation.

•  WrapPak® Protector can replace a wide range of existing packaging materials – so you don’t have to keep ordering and monitoring stocks of boxes, aluminium-coated plastics, tapes, and inserts.

• Converter is highly programmable to match evolving needs

• Small enough to use at a pack table, in-line or as a standalone unit.

Ranpak WrapPak® Protector

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Paper void fill machines wholesale available across the UK and beyond. You can have paper void fill systems delivered to you from one of our regional distribution centres. UK delivery is available to and around the following locations:

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