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Macfarlane Packaging provides protective packaging products and services to businesses throughout the UK, Ireland and Continental Europe

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Reduce costs

90% of your packaging costs could be hiding behind the unit price you pay. Macfarlane Packaging can help you identify, reduce and even eliminate these costs.

Eco-friendly packaging

We can help your business be more sustainable with eco-friendly packaging solutions and expertise that can reduce CO2 from your supply chain, reduce waste and use less material.

Enhance customer experience

The right packaging can deliver a memorable unboxing experience for your customers. At Macfarlane Packaging we can help you deliver a memorable unboxing experience that protects your products and your brand.

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We’re here to help reduce your packaging costs

And not just the cost of the packaging itself, Macfarlane Packaging can consider all the costs associated with your packaging operation.

Macfarlane Packaging can also help you to reduce the environmental impact of your packaging operation while giving your customers a great experience of your brand.

Whether you want to buy packaging materials now, ask for advice about custom packaging or transform your entire packing operation, our experts are on hand.

Macfarlane Packaging can support you through our extensive national branch network, European operations and state-of-the-art Innovation Lab. With thousands of packaging products at hand and ground breaking tools like our Packaging Optimiser, you can be confident that whatever your packaging challenge, Macfarlane Packaging has the solution.