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Industrial packaging that reduces complexity, costs and carbon emissions

Our industrial packaging solutions optimise product protection, reduce costs and minimise environmental impact.

By working alongside manufacturers and industrial distributors for decades, the team at Macfarlane Packaging has developed the expertise to deliver industrial packaging solutions that provide optimal product protection, reduce costs and minimise impact on the environment. We do this while making sure the industrial packaging innovations we offer reduce complexity and enhance your supply chain.

Precision in-house design & manufacturing

Simple solutions for complex packaging

We make things simple and streamline your packaging operation. You save time, hassle and money.

Industrial packaging that saves you money & drives efficiency

We can help you save space, lower transport costs, reduce waste and minimise damages by designing pioneering industrial packaging materials and processes.

Industrial packaging that supports sustainability

The packaging solutions we develop will help you lower your overall carbon footprint and use less material, boosting your supply chain sustainability.

  • Macfarlane Packaging has two UK sites dedicated to packaging design and manufacture.
  • Expert teams create precision industrial packaging solutions and services, including performance testing

Innovative packaging solutions for the medical industry

Our team has created packaging solutions for a range of medical products from high value, sensitive diagnostic equipment through to hazardous chemicals and consumables.

We are accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 and are committed to continually adhering to the quality standards required in the medical industry.

Particle free packaging, composite packs, preassembled solutions and internal tote packaging available.

Packaging that protects automotive components

We can create industrial packaging materials that protect the wide variety of shapes that automotive parts come in – from windscreens to body panels.

Macfarlane can offer line ready packaging, reusable packaging and closed loop systems, anti-corrosion packaging and re-engineering of packs for component evolution.

Packing materials that meets high aerospace standards

Macfarlane Packaging recognises the high standards required to protect aerospace components, as well as the need to control costs. 

Our industrial packaging solutions can be designed to cope with vibrations, temperature changes, corrosion and humidity.

Accreditation of materials available to ensure safe transit, as well as documented quality and testing of packaging solutions.

Electronics packaging that combines optimum protection and presentation

Macfarlane Packaging can design packaging solutions for intricate, high value components like microprocessors and circuit boards, as well as larger items like cabinets and units.

We can deliver packing materials that represent your brand, as well as providing protection, including anti-static, conductive and ESD packs.

Efficient and cost saving packaging designs for the engineering sector

We can provide industrial packaging for high precision and mass engineering businesses that helps reduce costs, improve supply chain efficiency and maximise pallet space.

Short runs and long-term packaging solutions are available through our just-in-time production and delivery service.

Creative industrial packaging for the fast-paced distribution market

Macfarlane know that the packaging needs of the distribution market can change rapidly, so our team aims to provide creative packaging solutions that maximise output and can be used flexibly.

We can help with proactive and reactive packaging ideas and respond swiftly to meet new demands, as well managing your packaging inventory.

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Specialist industrial packaging, whatever your market

Macfarlane Packaging can deliver the industrial packaging you need, whatever sector you trade in.

We have an expert industrial packaging team which is here to support you, as well as in-house design and manufacturing capabilities. There’s also our ground-breaking Innovation Lab – where we can help you create the ideal packaging solution for your products.