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Machine Applied Tapes from Macfarlane Packaging

Macfarlane’s range of machine applied tapes has been specially manufactured for use with automatic and semi-automatic tape machines. The polypropylene construction and shiny finish provide quick release off the roll. These tapes provide a range of benefits when applied using automated packaging equipment.

Machine application ensures consistent and uniform tape placement, reducing the risk of uneven seals. Automated packaging systems can apply polypropylene tape at high speeds, optimising production efficiency. This rapid application is especially advantageous for large-scale manufacturing and packaging operations, where time-sensitive processing is essential. Our stock machine applied tapes are suitable for use in the food industry.

Quick facts about our machine applied tape

  • Tape for use with semi and fully automated tape machines
  • Choose from clear of buff / brown machine tape
  • Solvent or Hot Melt Adhesive Options

Our range of Machine Applied Tapes

(mm x m)
Size (mm)
Buy or Enquire
005766Buff48 x 99028Hot Melt756ENQUIRE NOW
009035Clear48 x 99028Hot Melt756ENQUIRE NOW
009039Clear48 x 99028Solvent756BUY NOW

Environmental Impact Rating – Machine Applied Tapes

Our Environmental Impact Rating (EIR) shows an OPRL recycling label, the recycling category of the packaging material and the recycled content contained in the material. Here is the EIR for our range of Machine Applied Tapes.


do not recycle


5 pp

Recycled Content

0 recycled

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Machine Applied Tapes FAQs

What is machine tape?

Machine tape, also known as machine-applied tape or automated packaging tape, refers to adhesive tape specifically designed for use with packaging machinery and automated packaging processes. This type of tape is manufactured and configured to work seamlessly with packaging equipment, such as carton sealing machines, case sealers, and automated packaging lines. Here are some key characteristics and uses of machine-applied tape:

  • Width and Length: Machine-applied tape is typically available in specific widths and lengths that are compatible with the packaging machinery being used. This ensures efficient and consistent tape application during the packaging process.
  • Roll Format: It often comes in large rolls or spools that are designed to be loaded onto the tape dispensing or sealing equipment, allowing for continuous and high-speed packaging operations.
  • Adhesive Type: Machine tapes can use a variety of adhesive types, including hot melt, acrylic, or natural rubber adhesives. The choice of adhesive depends on factors such as the packaging materials and the environmental conditions the package will encounter.
  • Backing Material: The backing material of machine-applied tape can vary. Common options include polypropylene, PVC, and paper, each offering different properties suited to various packaging requirements.
  • Consistent Application: Machine tapes are engineered to provide consistent and reliable application, ensuring that packages are securely sealed with each pass through the packaging machinery.
  • High-Speed Operation: These tapes are designed to work at high speeds, making them suitable for automated packaging lines where efficiency and productivity are essential.
  • Tamper-Evident Features: Some machine tapes include tamper-evident features, such as security patterns or colour changes, to enhance the security of packaged goods.
  • Case Sealing: Machine-applied tape is commonly used for sealing corrugated cardboard boxes and cartons in various industries, including manufacturing, logistics, and e-commerce.
  • Custom Printing: Machine-applied tapes can be customised with branding, logos, product information, or other printed messages, providing an opportunity for companies to reinforce their brand identity on packages.
  • Specialised Applications: Depending on the specific packaging needs, machine tapes can be tailored to meet specialised requirements, such as extreme temperature resistance, moisture resistance, or UV resistance.
  • Efficiency and Cost Savings: The use of machine tape can significantly improve the efficiency of packaging operations, reduce labour costs, and ensure uniform sealing quality, leading to cost savings for businesses.

Machine-applied tape is a critical component of modern automated packaging processes, providing a fast, efficient, and reliable means of sealing packages. Its compatibility with packaging machinery and ability to meet specific packaging requirements make it an essential tool for many industries involved in large-scale packaging operations.

Do you need a machine for water activated tape?

Yes, water-activated tape (also known as gummed tape or Kraft paper tape) typically requires a special machine for optimal application. These machines are known as water-activated tape dispensers or tape applicators. While it is possible to apply water-activated tape by hand, using a dispenser or applicator offers several advantages:

  • Enhanced Adhesion: Water-activated tape is designed to be activated by water, which transforms its adhesive into a secure and long-lasting bond. Using a machine ensures consistent and thorough wetting of the tape for optimal adhesion.
  • Speed and Efficiency: Tape dispensers or applicators are designed for high-speed and efficient application, making them ideal for packaging operations that require rapid sealing of cartons or boxes.
  • Uniformity: Machines apply water-activated tape uniformly and consistently, reducing the risk of gaps or uneven sealing that can occur with manual application.
  • Ease of Use: These machines are designed to be user-friendly, making them accessible for operators with minimal training.
  • Customisation: Some water-activated tape dispensers allow for the customisation of tape lengths, which can help reduce waste and optimise tape usage.
  • Tape Moistening: The machines typically have a water reservoir and a moistening brush or sponge that wets the adhesive side of the tape as it is dispensed. This ensures proper activation of the adhesive for a secure seal.
  • Tamper-Evident Features: Some machines can apply water-activated tape with tamper-evident features, such as security patterns or print, enhancing the security of sealed packages.
  • Reduced Labour Costs: Using a machine for water-activated tape application can reduce labour costs by automating the sealing process, allowing employees to focus on other tasks.
  • Conservation of Tape: Machines are often equipped with a feature that automatically dispenses a predefined length of tape, minimising waste, and optimising tape usage.

In summary, while it is possible to apply water-activated tape by hand, using a machine specifically designed for this purpose offers numerous advantages in terms of efficiency, consistency, and tape activation. For businesses or packaging operations that require a high volume of carton sealing, investing in a water-activated tape dispenser can be a cost-effective and practical solution.

Machine applied tapes customisation

Macfarlane Packaging can provide automated tape customisation options, such as printing product information, branding, or labelling directly onto the tape. This ensures accurate and consistent presentation of important details on packaging, enhancing brand recognition and compliance with labelling regulations, especially important in the food industry.

custom machine applied packing tape macfarlane packaging

Machine Tape wholesale available across the UK and beyond. You can have Machine Applied Tapes delivered to you from one of our regional distribution centres. UK delivery is available to and around the following locations:

Aberdeen, Aylesbury, Banbury, Barnsley, Bath, Bedford, Bicester, Birmingham , Bolton, Bradford, Bridgewater, Bridport, Bristol, Burton-upon-Trent , Cambridge, Chelmsford , Cheltenham, Chester , Chichester, Colchester Cornwall, Coventry, Crewe, Derby, Devon, Dewsbury, Dudley, Dundee, Durham, Edinburgh, Essex, Exeter, Fareham, Gateshead, Glasgow Glossop Gloucester, Grantham, Harlow, Heathrow, Hemel Hempstead, Hereford, High Wycombe, Horsham, Hull, Inverness, Isle of Wight, Kent, Kidderminster, Lancaster  Leamington Spa, Leeds, Lincoln, Liverpool , London , Luton , Manchester, Middlesborough, Milton Keynes, Newbury, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Norfolk, North Wales , Northampton, Nottingham , Oldham, Oxford , Plymouth, Reading, Salisbury, Sheffield, Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury, Slough, Somerset , Somerton, South Shields, South Wales, Stafford, Stockport , Stoke-on-Trent , Stratford-Upon-Avon, Sudbury, Sunderland, Surrey, Sussex , Teesside, Telford, Uxbridge, Wakefield, Walsall, Warrington, Warwick , Watford, Wigan, Windsor, Wolverhampton, Worcester, Wrexham, Yeovil, York.

You can also have Machine Tape from Macfarlane Packaging delivered across Ireland and Continental Europe. Click to find your closest UK location or nearest Continental European site.