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Introducing Macfarlane Packaging’s Airsac inflatable packaging, the ultimate solution for safeguarding your products during transit. Our Airsac packaging moulds itself around your goods, providing superior protection, ensuring that your items reach their destination intact and damage-free.

With Airsac, you can significantly reduce damages and returns, saving you time and money. The packaging’s innovative design allows it to be shipped flat, saving up to 90% of your storage space. Upon use, inflate with a small air compressor, air line, or hand pump – no expensive machinery is required.

Choose from over 30 different Airsac designs, tailored to suit various applications. From shipping bottles and electronics to frames and pharmaceuticals, we have the perfect packaging solution for your specific needs.

We take sustainability seriously. Many of our Airsac lines are made from 50% recycled content material, reflecting our commitment to reducing environmental impact.

With Airsac, you can ship with confidence, knowing that your goods will arrive safely, securely, and in pristine condition. Simplify your packaging process and elevate your product protection with Airsac packaging today.

Quick facts about our Airsac® range

  • Significantly reduces damages and returns
  • Save up to 90% of your storage space – comes flat and is inflated upon use
  • No expensive start-up costs or machinery is required, just a small air compressor, air line or hand pump.
  • Over 30 different designs available
  • Many lines are made from recycled content material

Our range of Airsac® Inflatable Packaging

The below range of products shows our Airsac kits – which include inflatable bags and a matching box. Airsac bags are also available to buy alone and custom Airsac design is also available.

Airsac® Wine and Beer Kits

Buy or Enquire
327612Kit(Bag & Box)Kit for Single Wine Airsac and box*50BUY ONLINE
256043Kit(Bag & Box)Kit for Twin Wine Airsac and box*50BUY ONLINE
256048Kit(Bag & Box)Kit for Triple Wine Airsac and box*25ENQUIRE NOW
257711Kit(Bag & Box)Kit for Six Wine Airsac and box*25ENQUIRE NOW
257712Kit(Bag & Box)Kit for Twelve Wine Airsac and box*25ENQUIRE NOW
271763Kit(Bag & Box)Kit for Single Magnum Bottle Airsac and box*25ENQUIRE NOW
257714Kit(Bag & Box)Kit for Triple Beer Airsac and box*25BUY ONLINE
257716Kit(Bag & Box)Kit for Six Beer Airsac and box*25BUY ONLINE
269786Kit(Bag & Box)Kit for Twelve Beer Airsac and box*25ENQUIRE NOW

Airsac® Electronics Kits

Buy or Enquire
291894Kit for Hard Disk Drive Airsac and Box50ENQUIRE NOW
256055Kit for Large Mobile Phone Airsac and Box**50BUY ONLINE
256062Kit for 7″ Tablet Airsac and Box50BUY ONLINE
256064Kit for 10″ Tablet Airsac and Box**50BUY ONLINE
29410513.5” Laptop Airsac and Box**50ENQUIRE NOW
256066 Kit for 15″ Laptop Airsac and Box**25ENQUIRE NOW
256070Kit for 18″ Laptop Airsac and Box25BUY ONLINE
297306Kit for PC Base and Monitor Airsac and Box25ENQUIRE NOW
256485Kit for PC Base only Airsac and Box25ENQUIRE NOW
291909Kit for 28″ TV Airsac and Box**25ENQUIRE NOW
271756Kit for 32” TV Airsac and Box10ENQUIRE NOW
271754Kit for 40-42” TV Airsac and Box10ENQUIRE NOW
271758Kit for 47-50” TV Airsac and Box10ENQUIRE NOW
281112Kit for 55-65” TV Airsac and Box10ENQUIRE NOW
296583X Box Airsac and Box25ENQUIRE NOW

Airsac® Pharmacy Kits

Buy or Enquire
256051Medium Bottle Airsac and Box50BUY ONLINE
256054Large Bottle Airsac and Box50BUY ONLINE

Airsac® Jars and Mugs

Buy or Enquire
269620Jam Jar 1501200ENQUIRE NOW
273323Jam Jar 2**501100ENQUIRE NOW
300700Mug**5050ENQUIRE NOW

Airsac® for Frames & Mirrors

Buy or Enquire
269769Picture Frames Corners 1100300ENQUIRE NOW
269771Picture Frames Corners 2100650ENQUIRE NOW

Airsac® for Tins

Buy or Enquire
2811675 Ltr50250ENQUIRE NOW
3426492.5 Ltr50500ENQUIRE NOW
3007001 Ltr Tin Airsac**50500ENQUIRE NOW

Environmental Impact Rating – Airsac Bags

Our Environmental Impact Rating (EIR) shows an OPRL recycling label, the recycling category of the packaging material and the recycled content contained in the material. Products marked * contain 50% recycled content and those marked ** include 30%.


do not recycle


4 ldpe

Recycled Content

50 min
30 min
0 recycled

Environmental Impact Rating – Airsac Boxes

Our Environmental Impact Rating (EIR) shows an OPRL recycling label, the recycling category of the packaging material and the recycled content contained in the material.


recycle with bags


20 pap

Recycled Content

50 min

Free protective packaging guide download

Our FREE guide to protective packaging will:

  • Find information about different protective packaging products available from Macfarlane Packaging,
  • Learn about packaging automation, packaging and recycling.
  • Find answers to some of the frequently asked questions related to protective packaging.
  • Provide a guide to protective automation.
  • Provide a guide to recycling & packaging.
  • Help find the right protective packaging solution for your business with our variety of protective products.
  • Consider the size of your product, the weight and how fragile your product is.
  • Determine what type of protective packaging your products need.

Airsac® Inflatable Packaging FAQs

How do you fill an Airsac?

Filling an Airsac is a straightforward process. Here’s a general guide on how to fill an Airsac:

  • Gather the Necessary Equipment: You’ll need the Airsac inflatable packaging, an air compressor, air line, or a hand pump, depending on the size and type of Airsac you are using.
  • Adjust Air Pressure: If using an air compressor or air line, the recommended pressure is 10psi / 0.6 bar. Increasing pressure risks overinflation, which could burst or deform the cells of the bag.
  • Open the Air Valve: Locate the air valve on the Airsac packaging. It’s a small valve on the side of the bag.
  • Inflate the Airsac: Attach the air compressor, air line, or hand pump to the air valve. Start inflating the Airsac. Once it’s full, the valve will self-seal, as they are one way.
  • Test and Adjust: Give the package a gentle shake or press on the Airsac to make sure it provides adequate cushioning and protection for the item.
  • Pack your Product: You can now pack your product safely in the inflated back. Alternatively, you can pack a product into the bag prior to inflation. This can be particularly useful if you’re packing an irregularly shaped object.

Remember that the specific steps may vary slightly depending on the type and design of the Airsac packaging you are using. Always refer to our instructions for the best inflation practices and to ensure proper use and protection during transit.

Are Airsacs recyclable?

The recyclability of Airsac inflatable packaging can vary depending on the specific material used in its construction. This type of packaging is manufactured from low-density polyethylene (LDPE), which is recyclable.

To ensure proper recycling, follow these guidelines:

  • Check with your recycling service provider: Check with your recycling service provider to see if they accept LDPE category 4 plastics for recycling. Alternatively, you can look for bag collection points at supermarkets.
  • Reuse or Repurpose: Consider reusing this type of packaging for sending other parcels. Repurposing the material can help reduce its environmental impact.

See the features of Airsac® inflatable packaging

Custom inflatable packaging options

Macfarlane Packaging can create tailored packaging solutions to match your unique requirements. Enhance product protection with our bespoke Airsac packaging that conforms to your goods, ensuring secure transportation.

Trust Macfarlane Packaging for premium-quality, customised that reflects your business’s commitment to delivering goods safely and securely.

To discuss your needs, talk to Macfarlane Packaging today.

custom packaging airsac macfarlane packaging

Buy our inflatable packaging available across the UK and beyond. This type of packaging can be delivered to you from one of our regional distribution centres. UK delivery is available to and around the following locations:

Aberdeen, Aylesbury, Banbury, Barnsley, Bath, Bedford, Bicester, Birmingham , Bolton, Bradford, Bridgewater, Bridport, Bristol, Burton-upon-Trent , Cambridge, Chelmsford , Cheltenham, Chester , Chichester, Colchester Cornwall, Coventry, Crewe, Derby, Devon, Dewsbury, Dudley, Dundee, Durham, Edinburgh, Essex, Exeter, Fareham, Gateshead, Glasgow Glossop Gloucester, Grantham, Harlow, Heathrow, Hemel Hempstead, Hereford, High Wycombe, Horsham, Hull, Inverness, Isle of Wight, Kent, Kidderminster, Lancaster  Leamington Spa, Leeds, Lincoln, Liverpool , London , Luton , Manchester, Middlesborough, Milton Keynes, Newbury, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Norfolk, North Wales , Northampton, Nottingham , Oldham, Oxford , Plymouth, Reading, Salisbury, Sheffield, Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury, Slough, Somerset , Somerton, South Shields, South Wales, Stafford, Stockport , Stoke-on-Trent , Stratford-Upon-Avon, Sudbury, Sunderland, Surrey, Sussex , Teesside, Telford, Uxbridge, Wakefield, Walsall, Warrington, Warwick , Watford, Wigan, Windsor, Wolverhampton, Worcester, Wrexham, Yeovil, York.

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