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Simplify and reduce the cost of trading in Europe…

Macfarlane Packaging can help you create an efficient packaging supply chain

One packaging supplier, one price structure and payment method, guaranteed quality, guaranteed compliance: there are many benefits to having a single European packaging partner – especially if you choose Macfarlane Packaging.

We have the scale, expertise and international reach to shape your pan-European packaging operation, delivering:

  • Improved productivity – our team are always looking for ways to improve your packaging operation
  • Adaptability and flexibility – we can tailor our packaging solutions and services to you
  • Significant cost savings – we can help you reduce the total cost of your packaging through our innovative tools, like the Packaging Optimiser and services, like our packaging review
  • Dramatic improvements in sustainability – by optimising your packaging, we can help you cut the CO2e produced throughout your operation
  • Easier administration – by reducing your supply base and using our online order management system Simplicit.e, you’ll save time when it comes to packaging procurement
  • Quality management – we can help you standardise you packaging materials across Europe through robust supply chains, so you can rest assured when it comes to quality control

We’ve got you covered in Europe

Locations marked in orange are Macfarlane Group sites. Locations marked in blue are our 3PL partner sites

One packaging supplier who’ll be your strategic partner

On this site, you’ll find our range of packaging products, as well as the services we offer that can help you build the flexible, durable and future-proofed packaging operation your business needs.

Our unique Significant Six packaging review has reduced packaging operation costs for some customers by up to 40%. Our world-class design solutions have put us at the leading edge of sustainable packaging. With Macfarlane Packaging as a partner your European operation will become less expensive, more efficient and more sustainable. Choose Macfarlane Packaging as your partner in packaging…

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