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Packaging plays a vital role in supply chain success

At Macfarlane Packaging, we recognise that more and more businesses are turning to third party logistics (3PL) to manage their supply chain fulfilment. That’s why we have a team dedicated to developing packaging solutions for the 3PL market.

We know that you need packaging materials that deliver supply chain efficiency, control costs and support sustainability.

3PL packaging materials that deliver under pressure

The pressure to dispatch products and adapt quickly while optimising your supply chain is relentless in third party logistics. So, the fulfilment packaging solutions we develop will: 

  • Minimise pack size & weight
  • Use packaging materials that are sustainable & can be recycled 
  • Provide optimal product protection
  • Make use of packaging automation
  • Use returns-ready packaging designs
  • Factor in scalability & ease of use for your team
  • Be flexible, adaptable & promote efficient dispatch

All the packaging solutions we design for 3PL will have operational cost-effectiveness in mind. Where possible, our team will aim to boost your working capital, improve space utilisation, lower product cost and increase labour efficiency.

How Macfarlane Packaging can help 3PL businesses

Our packaging design expertise combined with international packaging procurement allows us to provide packing materials that excite end-user clients, enhance customer experience and increase brand loyalty – all while optimising your supply chain.

  • Packaging solutions that support upstream and downstream movements in your supply chain.
  • You can access our flexible, 24/7 online packaging management system to reduce admin and produce the reporting you need, whatever stock strategy you use.
  • Our unbiased approach means we can design the right 3PL packaging solution for the job – tailoring packing materials to your needs, your customer and their industry

Macfarlane’s national 3PL team will be with you every step of the way. We have experts who can support 3PL fulfilment in various sectors, including aerospace & defence, automotive, consumer, fashion & retail, healthcare, tech and industrial manufacturing.

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Supporting your growth

We can support your business through growth with our national branch network and European operations

Innovation lab

Innovation Lab

Our state-of-the-art Innovation Lab can deliver packaging materials that can deliver a memorable unboxing experience

Packaging procurement

We combine sourcing, inventory management & market-leading online ordering systems to give you total control over your packaging

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