Easy ways of branding your small business packaging

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This month, as part of Packaging 101, we’re looking at easy ways of branding your packaging…

If you sell your product online, via your own website, Etsy or even Not on the High Street, your packaging is the first physical touchpoint in your customer journey. As more consumers continue to shop online, it could be a great time to consider branding your small business packaging to enhance your unboxing experience. So, where should you start?

Your first thought might be printed boxes. However,  these often require high order volumes, making them unsuitable for small businesses. But don’t fret – there are still simple, quick, and effective ways you can easily brand your packaging….

printed tape for small business

Try printed tape

With a minimum order quantity of only 72 rolls, custom printed tape is a great way to start branding your small business packaging. It adds a touch of personalisation without having to invest in a large quantity of packaging. Packaging you may. not need or have space for.

You can print both traditional packing tape and self-adhesive paper tape – so you don’t have to compromise on sustainability if you prefer paper packaging materials.

Due to the low order quantity, you could even consider getting creative with your brand messages during seasonal holidays. For example, adding hearts for valentines or even snowmen for Christmas!

custom tape for small businesses

What are the benefits of custom printed tape?

  • Low MOQ (Minimum order quantity)
  • Easy to adapt for different seasonal messages e.g., Christmas
  • Great for advertising
  • Cost-effective and easy to store
custom labels for small businesses

Consider custom labels

Labels are another simple yet effective method to brand your small business packaging. The possibilities are endless – you can print with your logo, your web address or even a promotional message.

Prices can vary depending on style, design, and size of the label you choose, as well as the number of colours you choose to print on it.

custom labels for small businesses

What are the benefits of custom printed labels?

  • Easy to use
  • Printed with your own design
  • Small Minimum Order Quantity
  • Easy to apply during the packing process
  • Minimal storage space needed
branded packaging for small businesses

Why is branding your small business packaging important?

Branding your business and your packaging is important as it can help you create a memorable impression on consumers and lets them know what to expect from your company…

Strong brands have signature colour palettes and an easily recognised tone of voice. Think about your packaging materials as an extension of your brand. Use it to create instant recognition and build brand awareness.The great impression you create when packaging lands on a customer’s doorstep can delight them and result in repeat sales too.

growing your small business

Thinking about when your small business grows

These simple ways to brand your small business packaging are a great start. As your business grows and your sales volumes increase, you could be ready for printed packaging that demands higher order quantities – like the boxes we mentioned before.


If you feel you need guidance about your small business packaging, the Macfarlane Packaging team are here to help.  We can help with packaging solutions for businesses of any size that protect your goods and your reputation, while creating a great customer experience.

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