Parsley Box provide over 900,000 innovative ready meals, that are easy to store & prepare, each month to support independent living amongst it’s customers (primarily age 60+).

The brief was to create a cost-effective packaging solution that was quick to assemble, easier to open and recyclable at kerbside, it also had to be suitable for four ready meals and could remain at a temperature between 2-8 degrees for a minimum of 30 hours.

Macfarlane Packaging experts from our Temperature Controlled Packaging team and innovation lab collaborated to design a unique chilled packaging solution for Parsley Box.

The pack features a unique one-piece corrugated cardboard design that contains a top level cavity to hold dry ice in the summer months. Combined with ice sheets, the solution was able to preserve in pack temperatures for 30 hours in testing. Both the outer and inner packs are kerbside recyclable, and the outer material of the ice pack can be recycled at supermarkets with bags as its made from LDPE.

Parsley Box’s new solution exceeded their brief and delivered:

  • Improved productivity – the pack is quick to assemble, freeing up labour resource.
  • An enhanced customer experience – it’s now easy to open.
  • Less impact on the environment – the pack is now 100% recyclable.
  • Lower costs – the pack provided an annual saving of over 20% on delivery costs.