Macfarlane Packaging helped Biocatalysts reengineer their fibre drums to deliver improved storage, transportation, product handling and packing speed.


By replacing the drums with a heavy duty 100% corrugate “Bio-Box”, Biocatalysts experienced a considerable saving on warehouse space and improved pallet yield. The pack offers environmental compliance with improved handling and brand association.

As the boxes arrive flat packed into their warehouse 3 times as many boxes can be stored in place of the fibre drums, improving goods-in delivery times.

It’s a big win for the Biocatalyst end user too, as the bio box is completely recyclable making it easier for them to dispose of.

“It is rare to find a supplier willing to work so actively with a company as Macfarlane did in the design and production of the Biobox.”

Caroline West, Marketing Manager at Biocatalysts

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