SkinnyBooze are the UK’s first supplier of low calorie alcohol. The company specialises in sourcing healthier wine, beer, champagne and gin for the online retail market, and is reliant on being able to get glass bottles to their customers in one piece.


Macfarlane Packaging worked closely with SkinnyBooze to help them minimise product damage in transit by introducing Airsac inflatable packaging system into their packaging operation.

“The majority of our day was spent dealing with the administration that went with damages and returns. When red wine is thrown into the breakage mix it’s not just the broken bottles that need replacing, the wine can contaminate and dye other labels in the shipment so the returned bottles are unsaleable – we looked at the possibility of replacing labels but it wasn’t an option.”

“The Airsac offers my bottles outstanding protection, we’ve seen a dramatic drop in our damages which means we aren’t spending our days managing returns admin. The packs are quick to assemble and our shipments look really professional too, we’re confident that we are now offering a great customer experience.”

Tom Bell, Co-Founder and Managing Director of SkinnyBooze