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Maximise your pallet yield and minimise transport costs

Lighter, more space efficient packaging can reduce your transport costs

We’ll help you match or exceed current protection, save on space and weight.

We can source or design packs that are lighter, smaller and just as strong as your current ones. Modern single-walled boxes can reduce height and length by up to a centimetre with no loss of protection. This allows for pallet optimisation and can reduce the number of journeys per volume of goods shipped.

Lower fuel costs, lower CO2 emissions

The right transit pack is light, strong and space efficient – in two important ways: it is a better fit for the product, so you are not shipping air, and it allows pallet optimisation, so you can shift more stock in fewer vehicle movements. Fewer journeys equals less CO2, so the right packaging is an important part of a low carbon supply chain.

Case studies

The key to a safer product journey

Ongoing innovation, bespoke design and product development can deliver huge improvements to the cost-effectiveness of your transport operation and virtually eliminate in-transit damages.


Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab will help you deliver the perfect unboxing experience for your customers

Get in touch to see how we can review your transport costs

Transport costs are one of the Significant Six packaging costs hiding in all packaging operations. Our packaging review will help you find and reduce, or even eliminate, these costs in your operation. To request your own packaging review, simply fill in and submit the form below.

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