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Work smarter, not harder

We can help you develop a more flexible, resilient and cost-efficient operation

Our innovative approach focuses on product and process to shape a packaging operation that delivers speed, accuracy and product integrity.

Improved productivity flows naturally from eliminating the other five Significant Six costs. Stock holding and JIT supply (storage costs) managed through Simplicit.e, our online order management system (admin costs), supports auto boxing and auto bagging (productivity), which in turn improves product protection (damages and returns) and pallet optimisation (transport costs), all of which improves customer satisfaction.

But our Significant Six Cost Finder does more. By examining every aspect of your operation in relation to your business objectives, we will help you design new processes that maximise the effectiveness of your people at every stage and are flexible and resilient enough to cope with the demands of peak.


Full or partial packaging automation is often key to driving up productivity. Amongst the many products we offer are: auto boxing, auto bagging, air cushioning systems, paper cushioning machines, auto tape machines, stretch wrap machines, shrink wrapping machines and strapping machines.

Sustainability meets cost-efficiency when you do more with less

Using the best pack for the product makes packing easier and quicker – a productivity gain. But it also minimises use of materials (the box isn’t too big and stuffed with void fill). The most effective use of packs and equipment, including automation, drives up productivity while minimising use of materials and improving product protection; both vital to a more sustainable packaging operation.

Case studies

Smart ideas for a more productive operation

Our experts can help you transform your packaging operation to make it more resilient, flexible, cost-effective and sustainable.

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Innovation lab

Innovation Lab

See how the Innovation Lab can help you create the very best packaging for your products and reduce operational costs.

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Improving productivty is one of the Significant Six packaging cost hiding in all packaging operations. Our packaging review will help you find and reduce, or even eliminate, these costs in your operation. To request your own packaging review, simply fill in and submit the form below.

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