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We can take the hassle and costs out of your single-sourced packaging supply

We can provide all your packaging needs in a single, streamlined operation

The simplicity of a single supplier

Avoid the increased warehouse handling and excessive paperwork of multiple suppliers. Macfarlane Packaging can supply all of your packaging needs through:

  • Global reach – we have a network of suppliers worldwide
  • Purchasing power – we buy at a scale that enables us to negotiate the best prices
  • In-house design and production expertise – we can make any type of packaging you may need
  • A national distribution network – we can deliver anywhere in the UK

Easy and simple order management

And then there’s Simplicit.e, our new online order management system. Bespoke and scalable, it allows you to order any time anywhere. You can order via phone app, desktop, E2E or punchout. It can be fully integrated with your own systems and processes, including using your product numbers, and is available free to all Macfarlane Packaging customers. Follow the link to find out how much simpler your packaging operation can be.

Streamlined for sustainability

Using Simplicit.e, our integrated e-trading software, saves a mountain of paperwork throughout the buying process, with obvious benefits to the environment. Consolidating suppliers also helps the environment because we can supply all your packaging needs and plan a supply chain that minimises vehicle movements.

Case studies

Information at your fingertips

We can ensure complete oversight of a very cost and time efficient operation. One that is also much more sustainable.

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Get in touch to see how we can review your administration costs

Administration costs are one of the Significant Six packaging costs hiding in all packaging operations. Our packaging review will help you find and reduce, or even eliminate, these costs in your operation. To request your own packaging review, simply fill in and submit the form below.

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