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The Significant Six Packaging Review

90% of a packaging operation’s costs are hidden. These costs to your business are also costs to the environment.

Our Significant Six Packaging Review can help to reduce or eliminate these costs, saving you money while simultaneously supporting your CSR goals by reducing the environmental impact of your whole operation.

Tailored to meet your priorities
You can choose to prioritise cost reduction or reduced environmental impact when we conduct your review. But whatever your priorities, most measures designed to improve efficiency and reduce costs also benefit the environment.

How cost reduction reduces environmental impact

  • Increasing the number of packs shipped per vehicle will reduce transport costs and C02 emissions
  • Reducing damage and return rates will reduce CO2 emissions as well as the cost per product delivered
  • Introducing paperless end to end administration – from ordering to invoicing – will improve operational efficiency, reduce cost and improve your carbon footprint
  • Innovative packaging can increase productivity, reduce packaging weight and deliver operational cost savings

Happier customers
And a better-designed, more environmentally-friendly packaging operation will keep your customers happy (and more likely to use you again).

A boost to your business
In short, the Significant Six Packaging Review will help you transform the efficiency of your packaging operation, improve your environmental performance and deliver a better service to your customers.

What are the Significant Six

At Macfarlane Packaging we have spent decades innovating and perfecting packaging for a wide range of markets. Packaging that is strong, light, space-efficient and, increasingly, environmentally friendly.

In doing so we have isolated six hidden costs that have the biggest impact on most packaging operations. We call them The Significant Six. They are:

Storage Costs
Transport Costs
Damages & Returns
Administration Costs
Increase Productivity
Customer Experience

See how a packaging review can help you

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