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The growth of eCommerce creates many opportunities for online retailers, but the increasing demand for more flexibility and faster delivery can be a challenge.

A recent study by Royal Mail has revealed that 45% of online shoppers expect free delivery without minimum spend. Most of them are happy with the estimated delivery time, however, more and more buyers choose same day and next day deliveries.

How can you provide an improved delivery service without compromising product protection?

Below are 7 packaging solutions that will protect your products, while helping speed up packing and deliver a great customer experience with your brand.

eCommerce Transit Boxes
If you ship homeware such as bread bins, saucepans or home accessories, stronger outer packaging will help you maximise product protection. Transit boxes are perfect for this and come with handy folded flaps for quick sealing and increased security. They are also easy and fast to erect and are delivered flat to help you maximise your storage space.

Fragile items such as wine, beer, candles and jams can be a nightmare to pack! Airsac inflatable bags are perfect for shipping breakable products, and are simple to use and quick to inflate! Your items will arrive in one piece first time, eliminating damages and costs associated with returns.

Crash Lock eCommerce Boxes
These quick-to-erect boxes come with handy self-seal and tear strips for fast packing and easy opening. If you post high value items such as perfumes and electronics, use Korrvu Inserts for optimum protection. They firmly secure your items side the box, while ensuring beautiful presentation.

Breakables such as glasses, plates and ceramics can pose a real packaging challenge for online retailers, especially when posting multiple pieces in one box. Geami is an innovative paper cushioning system designed for shipping fragile items with a peace of mind. Not only does it offer excellent shock protection for your items, but also looks great inside the box and is a real pleasure to unwrap!

Postal Wraps
Postal wraps are perfect all-in-one solution for posting flat items such as books, games, calendars, CDs and DVDs. They fit tightly around your items, minimising the risk of damage, and can be easily sealed without tape! Your customers will be presented with a neat package that not only looks great but is also easy to open!

Pizza-Style Boxes
Pizza-style boxes are perfect for posting items such as clothes, shoes and fashion accessories. They are both self-sealing for faster packing and easy to open for a better customer experience. Your products will look amazing wrapped in tissue paper that you can also customise with your logo or text for stronger brand presence.

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