Do you use the right amount of packaging?

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Packaging plays a key role in protecting products from damage in transit and storage, therefore, it is crucial to use the right type and amount for your items.

Packaging that is too small or too large may not provide the right level of protection, resulting in costly returns, lost time and resources. Your brand reputation will also suffer, and lost customer trust may be difficult to recover.

Our unboxing research has revealed that nearly a quarter of UK customers (24%) still open parcels that arrive overpacked. Automating your packaging operation is one way to ensure you use just the right amount of packaging for your products without compromising their protection.

There are different options available from auto boxing and auto bagging to automatic tape dispensers and stretch wrapping machines to help meet different packaging requirements.

Auto boxing systems, for example, measure the height of the items inside the box and adjusts the box size to offer the best fit for your product. It also automatically folds and glues the box and seals the lid on to complete the process.

While some may be put off by the initial costs associated with equipment and installations, packaging automation has many benefits to offer in the long run. It will not only help you increase the speed of your packing operation and maximise your output, but you will also save on labour costs and avoid expensive returns.

Your parcels will look neater and use only as much packaging material as necessary, preventing over-packing and reducing packaging waste. This will help improve unboxing experience for your customers and also ensure that your packages are more environmentally-friendly.

If your budget does not stretch far, you can still switch to semi-automated solutions such as manual tape dispensers or boxes with a crash-lock base. Both solutions will significantly increase your packing speed and ensure your parcels are aesthetically-pleasing and well-protected in transit.

At Macfarlane Packaging, we can help you find the right packaging solutions for your products, taking into account both your budget and requirements.

Contact us to discuss packaging automation options or your other packaging needs.

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