The Returns Checklist… Are your shipments return ready?

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Timely delivery and easy returns are becoming increasingly important in the overall customer experience when shopping online.

A recent survey from Episerver has revealed that 26% of customers shop online at least once each week. Over half (52%) believe that retailers should provide information about returns and 61% would like to be able to tack their shipments.

We wanted to find out for ourselves how easy it was to return goods purchased online, so we conducted our own research. We found that an astonishing 34% of parcels entered into our unboxing survey last year didn’t contain returns information.

No one likes receiving products that arrive damaged and lack of information on how to return unwanted or faulty items will only add to the initial frustration. You can protect your brand and avoid customer dissatisfaction by ensuring your parcels contain clear return information and your packaging is easily returnable.

Here is a returnable checklist to ensure your return procedure is meeting customer expectations and getting product back to you safely:

  • Does your pack include clear return instructions for the consumer?
  • Can the original pack be used to send the package back to you, ensuring safe return to your store or depot?
  • Does your pack contain a second seal strip to ensure security on return transportation

At Macfarlane Packaging, we offer a range of bespoke returnable packages that can be customised to suit your specific requirements.

We can also offer free advice on how to minimise product damage and reduce costs in your packaging operation. Contact us today.

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