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“Speed up your packing by up to 60%? That’s a bold statement” I hear you say, and you’re right. It is very bold.

It’s hard to speed up anything by 60% but – and here’s where the asterisk comes into it – if you’re packing items into an 0201 shipper then I reckon you could reduce your packing time considerably. And one very simple switch can help you achieve it.

The answer? It is Tape!

Seriously, take away the taping process and you cut out the most time-consuming part of the box erection process. Filling the box is the quick bit, but it’s taping its top and base that takes up the time.

To test this, we put together a time trial video to demonstrate how much time can be spent taping 0201 boxes together and packing out goods versus using a pop-up self-seal box. Why not take a look and then time your own 0201 packing time? It could prove to be a real eye opener.

The results for the customer are great too – neat looking packages that are much easier to open and more environmentally-friendly. Julie Andrews would surely have included these in her list of favourite things had they been around, much easier to open than brown paper packages tied up with string and, indeed, heavily taped boxes.

Take the taping out of your packing routine and you’re onto not just a time saving winner but a cost saving one too. Yes, the box is a few pence more expensive, but you are eliminating tape costs, increasing packing throughput and creating less packaging waste which helps improve your green credentials.

It doesn’t end there. You are also increasing your parcel security, improving your customer experience and making the pack easier to recycle (it folds as easily as it erects and there is no need to remove the tape from the box before placing it in the recycling bin!)

So what are you waiting for? Grab a stopwatch, load up the tape gun and time how long your business spends taping boxes.

If you would like to find out more about eco-friendly solutions to help you increase your packaging speed, contact us today.

*If you are using 0201 boxes with tape.

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