The 5 sins of warehouse management

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Effective warehouse management is essential in getting products out to customers quickly and efficiently.

If you are experiencing issues in your packaging operation, take a look at the five common warehouse sins below. Are you guilty of committing any of them?

1. Bulky packaging
Bulky packaging cluttering your warehouse can slow you down and waste space. It could be time to look for alternative packaging solutions.

Paper cushioning and inflatable packaging systems will help you significantly reduce your storage requirements while offering optimum protection for your products in transit.

2. Poor pallet utilisation
Are your boxes the right size for your products?

Reducing the size of your packages will help you transport more boxes in one go and save you money on packing materials and transport.

Consider switching to automated packaging solutions such as Boxsizer. Automated machines measure the height of the items inside the box and adjusts the box size to offer the best fit for your product. This ensures you only use as much packaging as you really need and improves the speed of your packaging operation.

3. Inadequate stock levels
If you are concerned you are spending too much on your warehouse storage, consider changing your production method.

Just in Time (JIT) production, where products and packaging are produced to order, is a great money-saving alternative. You will avoid the build-up of unsold products during off-peak, and will save on renting and insurance!

4. Inefficient use of space
Take a good look around your warehouse. If space to store your products and packaging is limited, then perhaps you can use your warehouse floor more effectively?

Storing your packaging with someone else will help you reduce packaging stock levels onsite, improve cash-flow and better utilise your storage.

5. Lack of staff training
Ensure you provide adequate training to you staff and keep them up to date with any changes at the warehouse. This will help your packaging line run smoothly and improve efficiency in your operation.

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