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Customer experience is at the heart of building successful brands. You may be selling the most stylish clothes but if you are sending them in plain brown boxes you might be missing out on a great opportunity to offer your customers something truly memorable.

Imagine receiving a long-awaited item that arrives in a beautiful, personalised box and has a “thank you” message printed on the inside. It would make you feel a little bit special; your customers will feel the same.

Don’t be afraid to go that extra mile and spend time looking for packaging solutions that will amaze your customers and build lasting relationships with your brand.

Below are a few suggestions for you to consider.

Branding on the inside
Adding a personalised message inside your box will help to build up a rapport with your customers. Impressed customers are likely to share their experience with relatives and friends, and recommend your products to others. This is a simple and cost-effective way of promoting your brand and building strong brand awareness.

Easy opening
Even the most beautiful box will not quite deliver that desired WOW factor if your customers have to wrestle with packaging. Ensure your parcels are easy and pleasant to open for an enhanced unboxing experience.

Boxes with incorporated tear strip are a great solution. Customers can easily open the parcel by pulling the strip away – there is no need for scissors!

Hassle-free returns
One of the biggest differences between shopping online and going to a store is that customers don’t actually see products until they arrive. When it comes to clothes and fashion accessories, customers may want to return items that don’t match their description, don’t fit or are the wrong colour.

If the original packaging is simply unusable (after you cut it open with scissors!), customers are now faced with finding an alternative solution to return them.

You can save them the hassle and ensure your products are returned safely by providing packaging that is easily returnable.

Beautiful presentation
Elevate your product presentation by adding some tissue or shredded paper inside the box! Tissue paper can be branded with your company name and logo for that extra personalised touch and heightened customer experience with your brand.

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