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Last January saw the highest average spend for online retail in the UK since 2010, according to the IMRG. Online ordering remains a popular option among Brits as more and more of us choose technology over traditional visits to stores.


With an extensive range of products available online, internet retailers have to look for new ways to stand out from the crowd and build lasting relationships with customers. Your packaging is a great place to start.


Below are a few suggestions of how you can use the space on your pack to promote your business and your brand.


Printed packaging
Bringing your brand to the inside or outside of your packaging will help you create a stronger brand integrity and offer an optimum unboxing experience for your customers. You will further impress them by adding personalised messages to say “thank you” and encourage dialogue and feedback.


Printed tape
If you work with tight budgets printed tape is a great, low-cost alternative to get creative with your packaging. It allows you to print any design and message and has a low minimum order quantity to get you started.


Not only will your branded shipments help to attract the eye of a potential customer, they will also minimise the likelihood of parcel tempering; once removed printed tape cannot be easily replaced without noticing!


Ribbons and tissue paper
Packaging materials such as printed tissue paper and ribbons are perfect solutions if you want to add a subtle, personalised finish to your gift-wrapping. They can be printed with bespoke messages and the company name and logo to make your parcels look extra special.


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Highest average January spend for online retail in seven years: