Using a die cut box? You could be saving time and money

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If you are using die cut boxes in your packing operation, chances are they take a while to put together before you can start packing them. We have a solution that could speed up your packaging operation.

By speeding up your box erection time, you’re speeding up the packing time. This can lead to increases in your operational throughput, reduced labour costs and less stress during peak demand.

Die cut boxes are great, they can be designed to accommodate your individual products ensuring security and protection. However, they can be overcomplicated and it can sometimes feel like you’re on an episode of Krypton Factor when you put them together. Although agile packers can build up speed over time, it can be an involved process training new starters in the dark art of tabs and slots.

So what’s the alternative?

Well, if you’ve been using your die cut box for a few years, you may find that box design has come a long way since you introduced your pack. There are some really innovative “pop up” designs that arrive flat on a pallet but magically self-erect when you push the alternate box corners together. The same has happened with dividers and inserts, new design means that once complex fixtures are now complete in seconds.

A good simple example of this would be the replacement of the 0427 die cut box (also known as the humble postal box) with a crash lock base box. These erect in seconds and can even come with a self-seal strip for added security, eliminating the need for additional taping. An easy pack insert, such as Korrvu, ensures that your product stays in place whilst in transit and arrives intact to yor customer.

When reviewing a switch like this the cost can play a fundamental part in your decision process but it’s important to review the impact on overall business costs. Whilst the materials might cost a few pence more this could still, ultimately, create savings for your business. If it speeds up your operational throughput there could be reduced labour costs – negating the need to hire additional staff during peak demand, for example.

Check with a packaging expert to see if your die cut box could incorporate a crash lock base; it might be time to move over to a faster packing solution.