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If you are shipping lots of pallets, then stretch wrap is a significant area of outlay; it’s also an area for large potential savings.

Want to know how to make savings on stretch wrap right now? It’s easy… just ask this one question:

Is my stretch wrap optimised?

When you optimise your stretch wrap, cost reduction is just one of the benefits. It can also help reduce the amount of material used, positively impacting the environment and your corporate responsibility goals.

There are some fantastic low micron performance stretch films out there that can offer a real cost saving whilst delivering everything you would expect from a higher micron such as exceptional load containment.

Professional analysis can help guide you through the different options of pre-stretched, power pre-stretch or super power pre-stretch to find the right material for you by analysing your pallet profiles, weights and wrapping machines.

A pallet wrap analysis, when done by a professional, is quick and easy and causes minimal disruption to your packing operation. Why not give it a go and see what savings you could make?

Macfarlane Packaging offers a free, no obligation, stretch wrap health check to review your stretch wrap. Contact us today to arrange an appointment.

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