Embracing the benefits of Click and Collect

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Click and Collect has become the third most popular online service in the UK after online banking and online shopping.

It has many benefits to offer, including free delivery and the ability to collect goods from a selected location whenever it is convenient.

No wonder 72% of British shoppers opted for Click and Collect last year. *

Many retailers appreciate the growing popularity of Click and Collect. A recent study from Statista has revealed that 47% of surveyed retailers already offer the service to their customers with a further 51% planning to introduce it by the end of this year. **

Do you offer Click and Collect to your customers? Read on to find out more about the benefits.

Improving customer satisfaction

Customers expect to be able to choose a delivery option that suits them most. A survey from Shutl has revealed that 95% of respondents would consider going with another retailer if their first choice was not able to offer suitable delivery. ***

Click and Collect is popular, so it’s worth considering the service as an offer to your customers to avoid disappointments and maintain customer satisfaction with your services and your brand.

Helping with peak demands

We all know that an increase in demand during peak seasons can put extra pressure on your delivery capabilities and Click and Collect can help reduce heavy workload and multiple deliveries, as packages can be left at one location.

This not only ensures your company operates more efficiently during busy times, but also saves you valuable time, labour and money.

Making returns easy

Click and Collect offers easy and hassle-free returns. If customers are not happy with their order, they can simply return it at designated collection points, where they can apply for a refund or exchange faulty items quickly and effectively.

Most Click and Collect bags are now returnable, meaning your customers do not need extra packaging to send back unwanted or damaged products. This saves the unnecessary hassle of finding alternative packaging and ensures that your products are returned safely.

Increasing sales

Customers who come to a store to collect their order may be inclined to purchase additional items during their visit. This is a great opportunity for your company to promote your new and existing products side by side, and potentially increase sales.

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