Battling Packaging Price Increases – 5 ways to fight back!

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With the current market volatilities in the paper and polymer markets lots of businesses are affected by a hike in packaging prices.

If you are struggling to weather the storm, here are 5 ways to help you uncover potential savings:

Reduce the cost of your Stretch Wrap – If you are using high volumes of conventional machine stretch wrap, a switch to a performance film will help to combat rising wrap costs. Performance films offer a like for like load containment to conventional films but can use a lot less material. Your total usage of material will decrease not only reducing your cost but also increasing your green credentials!

Reduce the cost of your corrugate – If corrugate prices are on the rise then it’s time to look at the cartons you are using. Board grade evaluation could uncover a lower cost alternative. Or, if your carton is wider than it is deep a switch on the panels to make it deeper than wider could lead to a decrease in waste at the point of manufacture, reducing the unit price.

Reduce the cost of tape – If you use high quantities of polypropylene or vinyl tape, consider a switch to gummed paper tape. Paper tape can appear more expensive at first glance but when used with an electronic dispenser set to cut your tape at a uniform size you are minimising waste. As it has such a strong adherence to cardboard only one strip of tape is required to secure a pack cutting out the need to H Tape. It also speeds up packing, helping you to generate greater throughput in a shorter time.

Switch to a laminated bubble – By using a laminated bubble that tears without fishtailing you will increase material yield and reduce the amount of material waste. If it’s barrier sealed it will also contain air for longer offering higher and longer lasting protection. You won’t have to put as many wraps around your products as you currently do with a conventional bubble.

Get a packaging review – A packaging review can uncover opportunities for savings right across your business including storage, transport, administration, damages and improve your productivity and customer experience.

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