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This week’s guest blogger is Charlotte Hardy, Marketing Manager at Network Packaging.

Have you ever ordered something online and when you open the parcel it’s broken? It can be so frustrating!

The IMRG 2016 Home Delivery Review (1) reports that 59% of consumers are still receiving damaged goods when they buy products online and around 40% of those customers believe the damage is due to packaging (2).

In fact, fast delivery (3) and a good delivery experience (2) are rated highly by consumers as a reason to purchase from a retailer. Receiving goods in a damaged state detracts from your customers’ experience and costs you money.

From our experience, damages and returns are one of the hidden costs in packaging operations, therefore it’s important to make sure you’re doing your best to minimise this expenditure. So what is the solution?

If you’re looking to reduce damages and returns, inflatable packaging could be a perfect choice for you.

Inflatable packaging system such as Airsac have been developed specifically for fragile and breakable goods. Airsac is composed of only 2% film and 98% air is 100% recyclable and helps eliminate damages in transit.

As well as reducing your damages, Airsac is incredibly space saving vs. traditional protective packaging like polystyrene, as it’s supplied flat – So it can help you fight storage expenses.

Does it really work?

Yes! In practice, one customer, who retails expensive framed artwork, eliminated their damages.

By working with our packaging experts, the customer helped design a solution that cushioned the fragile picture frames, absorbing any impact in transit.
This meant they saved a huge £25,000 a year in reverse logistics costs alone.

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Charlotte Hardy

Charlotte Hardy is a marketing professional with 10 experience years’ experience spanning B2B and B2C brands, including Halifax and AA Savings. She joined the packaging industry in 2013 and currently works as Marketing Manager for Network Packaging, a leading UK packaging distributor that is part of Macfarlane Packaging.