Packaging for homeware

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Whether you ship dinner sets, saucepans or home appliances, product damage is one of the main challenges for many eCommerce businesses.

Homeware products come in different shapes and sizes and some of them can be a real nightmare to pack.

How can you ensure your products arrive with customers in one piece?

We put together a few packaging ideas to help you protect your products and brand reputation.

Paper cushioning

Paper cushioning solutions such as Geami are perfect for shipping fragile and breakable items including dinner sets, vases and glassware.

Geami is composed of a tissue lining with a 3D honeycomb outer paper, which helps it to keep its shape throughout the entire shipping and handling process. Not only will it protect your package against multiple drops, kicks and shakes, it will also look great and be a real pleasure to unwrap!

Soft furnishing mailing bags

Mailing bags are perfect for shipping items such as cushions, towels and bed linen. They are opaque for increased security and come with a simple self-seal to ensure faster packing, as no tape is required.

Inflatable packaging

Items such as candles, jars and bottles need extra protection in transit. Inflatable packaging systems such as Airsac are great for shipping fragile objects and are simple to use and quick to inflate! They are also reusable and fully recyclable, making it easy for your customers to dispose of.

eCommerce boxes

These strong, heavy-duty boxes are ideal for shipping a wide range of household products including bread bins, cutlery, tumblers and mixes items. They come with folding flaps for easy sealing and increased security, and are very easy to eject.

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