Four packaging ideas to keep customers coming back

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Have you ever ordered an item that arrived promptly, hassle-free and beautifully-packaged? Research shows that customers want to feel loved, and a positive shopping experience is key to customer retention!

A recent survey by Sealed Air has revealed that 66% of Americans feel product packaging reflects how much retailers care about them. Nearly half (48%) also believe that packaging echoes the value of the item inside. *

So, how can you show your customers you care? Below are four packaging ideas to help you offer a great customer experience and ensure your customers keep coming back.

1. Put a human face on your packaging

Adding a personalised message inside your packaging is a great way to build rapport with your customers and show the human side of your brand.

If you need a real-life inspiration, FEELUNIQUE is a perfect example. The company displays short messages such as “Almost there”, “Thank you” and “Enjoy” on their packaging which ‘guide’ customers throughout the entire unboxing process.

2. Go the extra mile

Lift your product presentation to the next level by placing tissue or shredded paper inside your packaging. Tissue paper can be printed with your company logo or personalised message – what a lovely, subtle touch to enhance customer experience with your brand.

3. Ensure superior protection

Even the most beautifully-packed item will not impress your customers if it arrives damaged. Crash-lock boxes with Korrvu inserts can help you protect your products in transit while ensuring beautiful presentation of your parcels.

The boxes are self-sealing, so you do not have to worry about taping your parcels, and you can brand them with your company’s name and logo. Korrvu inserts firmly hold products inside, ensuring they look their best when customers open the box.

4. Stay open to latest innovations

If your budget allows it, try something new! ‘Bubble Wrap IB Expressions’ is a novel, on-demand inflatable cushioning product available in a range of vibrant colours and patterns such as hearts, stars and smiley faces!

It not only looks great, it also offers optimum product protection and you can brand it with your logo or add a custom message.

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* Sealed Air e-Commerce Survey: Packaging for e-Commerce Success, 2014: