How to stay on top form during peak times – a short guide for online retailers

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In times of increased demand your business may experience issues with resource, delivery and order fulfilment.

The run-up to Christmas is one of the busiest periods for many retailers. Some companies, including Tesco, John Lewis and Argos, employed additional staff last year to help them get through the festive period.

You may also experience a rise in demand at some other times of year such as Easter and summer.

A flexible, resilient packaging operation will help you cope with changing demand throughout the year.

Below are six tips to guide you through your route to peak performance.

Lose the bulk

If you are surrounded by packaging in your warehouse, consider storing it with someone else to increase your space and create safer, neater working environment.

You could switch to Just in Time (JIT) production, where products and packaging are produced to order or a drip-feed supply, where products and packaging are delivered as and when you need them.

Both will help you save on rent and insurance, free up valuable space, and avoid the build-up of unsold finished product.

Go further, faster

Bulky packaging can add to your transport and storage costs as it takes up space in your warehouse and in your delivery vehicles. Lighter, smaller packs help maximise your space and save on in-fill material costs.

A packaging expert can work with you to find the right packaging to enhance transit protection while keeping your costs low.

Protect yourself

Product damage and returns can be costly therefore it’s important your packaging offers suitable transit protection.

Choose the box that fits best for your products and go easy on in-fill material. This will help you ensure your products don’t rattle around inside your packaging and your parcel doesn’t burst in transit due to overfilling.

Packaging solutions such as paper cushioning or air bags provide better product protection, increase customer satisfaction and are easier to dispose of.

Stay on top of your programme

Consolidating your supplier base will help you gain better control of your goods delivery as well as increase efficiency and simplify your purchasing process.

You can achieve further savings by using an online order management system that allows you to manage your purchasing stock at the click of a mouse. You will be able to see your order history, review usage figures for key products and reorder stock depending on your needs.

Be more effective

Packaging automation can help increase productivity and ensure all your orders are packaged to the same high standard and shipped on time.

If your budget doesn’t stretch far, consider semi-automated solutions such as manual tape dispensers, boxes with a crash-lock base or pre-applied closure seal. They will help your staff pack faster and make the packing process easier for them.

Impress with your performance

Parcels that look beautiful, are easy to open and return and simple to dispose of keep customers happy and make their lives easier.

At Macfarlane Packaging, we will work with you to ensure your packaging operation is always prepared for demand fluctuation.

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