Top four advantages of bespoke packaging design

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Bespoke packaging design could revolutionise your packing operations.

The initial investment will quickly pay off, bringing long-term benefits to your business and enhancing your entire operation.

Below are four key advantages of custom packaging design.

1. Reduced damage and returns

Packs designed specifically for your products ensure snug fit and offer the best protection, reducing costs on damage and returns.

You will also save money on in-fill material as you won’t need to fill the gaps. This will offer an enhanced unboxing experience for your customers as your parcels will be neater and more visually-appealing.

2. Reduced transport costs

Compact, carefully-designed packages take up less space in your delivery vehicles, maximising pallet space.

You will, therefore, save on transport and fuel costs and reduce your carbon footprint, showing customers you care about the environment.

3. Improved productivity

Consider add-on features such as a crash-lock base and self-seal closure when designing your bespoke packs.

These enhancements will help you assemble, pack and seal each parcel faster, speeding up your packing line and increasing productivity throughout your operation.

You will need fewer packers to fulfil orders, so your staff will be free to concentrate on other, potentially more strategic, tasks.

4. Enhanced Customer experience

Easy-to-open, easy to return and dispose of packaging enhances customer experience.

You can create a real WOW factor if you bring your logo, personal message or other branding elements inside your packs. Selfridges is one of the companies that gets it right. Read here to find out more.

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