6 rules for a great packaging design

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Well-designed, quality packaging provides optimum protection and enhances shopping experience with your brand.

Below are 6 rules for creating the perfect packaging design.

Editor’s note: You don’t need to implement them all at once. Sometimes a small change to your packaging design can make a big difference when it comes to improving product protection and customer experience.

1. Crash-lock base

Boxes with a crash-lock base can increase your packing speed by up to 30%. You will be able to dispatch more products in less time, keeping customers happy with fast turnaround and decreasing pressures associated with increased seasonal demand.

They are supplied flat therefore require minimum storage space and are neat and compact, helping enhance customer experience with your brand.

2. Branding

Having a strong, established brand is key in today’s competitive eCommerce environment. Branding on the inside or outside of your package helps increase brand visibility and build rapport with customers.

Beautiful, personalised packages are more likely to be remembered, exposing customers to your brand and creating an unboxing experience worth sharing with family, colleagues and friends.

3. Recyclability

Disposing of packaging is not always simple especially if the pack consists of multiple materials that need to be split before throwing away. You can make life easier for your customers by providing clear recycling information on your packaging, avoiding excess packaging and switching to sustainable packaging or all-in-one solutions made from the same material.

4. Fit for purpose

Ensure your packaging is suitable for the size and shape of your products. Using only as much packaging as is necessary will help you minimise packaging waste, save on packaging materials and prevent parcels from bursting in transit due to overfilling!

5. Peel and seal closure

Boxes with a peel and seal closure enhance the look of your parcels as no extra materials are required to seal the lid (say goodbye to ugly tape). They are also a simple but effective tamper-evidence solution; once the strip is removed from the box, it cannot be reapplied, reassuring customers that nobody had opened the pack before they received it.

6. Easy returns

Receiving an item that arrives damaged, doesn’t fit or meet our expectations can be disappointing. Save your customers time, money and nerves by sending your products in packaging that can be reused for returns. Mailing bags and boxes with an extra seal strip inside the pack are perfect for this. Ensure you include clear returns instructions (and maybe even a returns label) to further simplify the process.

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