Optimising your packaging for faster product dispatch

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Customers are more demanding than ever. They expect quick service, immediate deliveries and the ability to track orders from the moment they check out.

Many internet retailers turn to the power of technology to help them deal with these growing customer demands. You might have heard about chatbots (computer programmes designed to have conversations with customers online), robotic warehouse helpers or Amazon’s drone delivery plans.

A recent IMRG Benchmark report reveals that 52% of fashion retailers plan to invest in Artificial Intelligence next year with a further 19% following the trend the year after*.

This may seem surreal but this is the direction things are heading in.

Before the Amazon drones come into regular use here’s how you can improve your delivery capabilities by optimising your packaging.

All-in-one pack designs

Consider switching to all-in-one packaging solutions such as the Korrvu packaging range or self-sealing boxes with a crash-lock base. Not only will you increase your packing speed, ensuring your products are despatched faster, but you will also save on material costs and enhance the look of your parcels.

Packaging Automation

Automated packaging machines come in different forms and range from auto-bagging and auto-boxing systems to automatic stretch wrap and air cushioning solutions. The idea is simple – they measure the size of your products to ensure your packaging offers the optimum fit. You will benefit from a faster production line, fulfilling more orders in less time. Read our Short guide to packaging automation to find out more.

Packing Areas

The design and layout of your packing benches can have a major effect on your packing speed. Always ensure your packers have easy access to all the packing materials they need and maintain adequate packaging stock levels at all times. Provide adequate training for your staff to ensure they are familiar with the equipment and are aware of all your processes and procedures.

Macfarlane Packaging can help review your existing packing processes to identify areas for improvement and increase productivity. Contact us today: https://macfarlanepackaging.com/contact/


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