A short guide to packaging automation

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Have you ever wondered how you can increase your throughput while minimising packaging waste and optimising your production line?

Packaging automation is a great way to achieve this goal, and despite common assumption, it does not always have to come at a high cost.

A small change can go a long way

Semi-automatic packaging solutions, such as the BP-222 Tape Dispenser, can be a great place to start. They require minimal space, help improve productivity and are environmentally friendly as they work with gummed paper tape.

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Moving to boxes with a crash-lock base is another way to increase packing speed without significant investment. They are easy and quick to put together, offer better transit protection and take up little space (as they are supplied flat-packed for optimised storage).

Just by introducing these two solutions into your packaging operation, you can significantly increase productivity, minimise packaging waste and, therefore, save costs and increase your company’s green credentials.


For those with bigger budgets

If you have the budget and are thinking about a larger investment to improve your packaging operations, below is a brief overview of the various packaging automation options available.


Box Automation

Auto-boxing machines measure your products and adjust the size of the box to ensure the best fit, which helps make sure you are using the right amount of packaging to protect your products in transport. The machine also folds the box and seals the lid, which greatly speeds up your packaging line. Find out more >

Ideal for: fashion, homeware and electronics


Bag Automation

Automated bagging machines work in a similar way to auto boxing solutions. They automatically place products inside custom bags that are then cut to size for optimal fit. This allows multi-sized products to be despatched efficiently with minimal labour and time constraints. Find out more >

Ideal for: fashion and soft-furnishing


Air Cushion Automation

Innovative air cushioning solutions inflate and dispense airbags over a predetermined length to ensure less packaging waste and prevent packages from overfilling. The bags are supplied flat for optimised storage and can be customised with company’s branding or personalised messages for a better customer experience. Find out more >

Ideal for: health and beauty


Paper Automation

Paper cushioning systems require minimal space, so you can make the most of your storage space. They eliminate the need for labour-intensive crumpling of paper, ensuring fast product despatch and no overfilling. Find out more >

Ideal for: homeware, food and beverage


Strapping Automation

Automated strapping machines are ideal for securing heavier loads that require additional protection during transit. They automatically cut the strapping and adjust the tension to minimise the likelihood of product damage and ensure excellent load holding. Find out more >

Ideal for: heavy loads, construction, engineering and industrial sectors


Stretch Automation

Machine-applied stretch wrap solutions are perfect to ensure your loads are well-secured and do not separate in transit. Some solutions that are great for wrapping both long and awkwardly-shaped items, increasing the speed and efficiency of packing. Find out more >



If you would like to discuss different automated and semi-automated packaging solutions that suit your budget and requirements, contact us today.

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