How to maintain a competitive edge in manufacturing

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ADS Group have advised that the upcoming autumn budget should set aside more than £300m investment in a £1bn productivity improvement programme to boost manufacturing supply chains.

This government commitment would secure private sector investment of more than £600m for initiatives supporting supply chain companies in the aerospace, defence, automotive, rail and civil nuclear sectors.

Civil aircraft production rates in the aerospace sector are set to rise 40% by 2020, small and medium sized companies need to invest in growth and boost competitiveness.

If you’re looking to increase your competitive edge then a review of your packaging and processes can be vital in helping you increase productivity and reduce operational costs.

Considerations like how long it takes you to collate, assemble and pack each product can create significant improvements on operational throughput. Perhaps offsite assembly of larger packs with JIT delivery could save you production time and warehouse storage space.

Storage of bulky packaging offsite can also help you free up floor space for production expansion onsite, helping you to utilise your existing premises.

By rethinking a pack design you could also increase your pallet yield, reducing your carbon footprint and transport costs. A thoughtfully tailored pack can make your entire logistics chain run more smoothly and the right combination of materials can also reduce the risk of damage, reduce your packaging unit costs and deliver an improved customer experience.

Packaging can play a vital role in giving you a competitive edge, it’s got the potential to help uncover savings within your business and boost your operational efficiency.

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