Providing a magical unboxing experience this Christmas

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Unboxing videos have been growing in popularity so much so there are now channels entirely dedicated to this subject on YouTube.

Vloggers (video bloggers) unbox everything from the new iPhone 8 to cosmetics and clothing, sharing their thoughts on the product and the packaging with viewers.

A quick search for ‘unboxing’ on YouTube comes up with over 66 million hits. The unboxing of the Spiderman battery-powered toy car by the CKN Toys alone has over 236 million views!

Unboxing offers a great (free) advertising opportunity for many companies! But if you can’t deliver on customer expectations, you may get in real trouble. Bad publicity can impact on your brand reputation and affect sales.

Upgrading the looks and practicality of your packaging is one way to keep customers happy. Nobody likes reviewing parcels that are difficult to open nor wading through tones of packing chips to get to the contents. Not only is this frustrating, it also leaves customers with a pile of unnecessary packaging to get rid of.

Packaging features such as the in-build tear strip enable easy opening making the unboxing experience more enjoyable for your customers. And if you add a sealing strip inside the lid they can use the original packaging for returns.

On-pack branding is another idea worth considering. A recent survey from Sealed Air has found that branded packaging creates a 64% increase in positive feedback than unbranded packaging. More than a third of respondents also believe premium packaging impacts brand perception – something you may want to keep in mind.*

If branded packaging is not in your budget this year there are simpler ways to make your parcels look special this Christmas. For example, adding colourful tissue paper inside your packs will help uplift the appearing of your products.

At Macfarlane Packaging we can help you deliver a truly memorable unboxing experience by offering quality packaging that is easy to open and a real pleasure to look at! Get in touch to discuss your requirements:


*Sealed Air Korrvu Fact Pack