Speed up your packaging operation in a few simple steps

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The speed and efficiency of your packaging operation is key to getting your products to customers quickly and efficiently.

It can be so disappointing when a long-awaited item fails to arrive as promised, potentially undermining customer trust and damaging your reputation.

Below are four simple steps to help you optimise your packaging operation and ensure your customers receive their orders on time.


Step 1 – Review your packing stations

Are your packing benches well-organised and stacked with everything your packers need to see them through the day?

Ensuring your staff have easy access to packing materials will help them pack faster and limit the likelihood of packaging-related injuries, e.g. as a result of overstretching.


Step 2 – Evaluate your existing packaging

How much time do you spend each day assembling and sealing your boxes? If the answer is ‘too much’, maybe it’s time to review your existing packaging.

Solutions such as self-sealing, crash lock boxes can be put together in seconds and do not require taping, which significantly increases your packing speed.

Another fast-packing alternative to a standard cardboard box is a wrap pack. This simple solution fits tightly around flat items and does not require any additional wrapping. You can also personalise them with your company name or logo for an enhanced customer experience for your brand!


Step 3 – Consider optimising your box range

Evaluating your box range will help you better cater for the needs of individual products, and ensure that your staff spend less time filling voids! Not only will you save on material costs, you will also demonstrate that you are kind to the environment, which is important to many consumers.


Step 4 – Look at packaging automation

Automating your packaging operation is another great way to improve your packing speed.

Automated machine systems such as Sealed Air B+ I-Pack® or e-Cube® automatically adjust the size of the pack to offer the best fit for your products. You will benefit from an increased output while saving on labour, consumables and delivery costs.

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