Are you prepared for Peak Demand?

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An increase in the number of orders placed during peak seasons can put additional burden on resources and packing capabilities.

As far as your packaging operation is concerned, smart pre-peak planning can help to deliver maximum throughput with minimum labour.

We wanted to find out more about the challenges that companies face during busy times, so we asked over 500 businesses across a range of industry types to share their experiences with us.

Our survey included responses from manufacturers, distributors and retailers (including ecommerce sellers) with company sizes ranging from fewer than 50 to more than 500 employees.

We found that maintaining operating speed and stock availability were among the biggest issues that businesses encountered during peak. As many as 67% of the respondents considered despatch packing process and delivery issues the most stressful.

Over half of the businesses admitted they struggled to maintain operating speed in the pre-Christmas peak period, whereas 26.88% of the respondents were busiest in the summer.

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