The changing face of the Health and Beauty retail market

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The UK Health and Beauty market is growing rapidly with sales reaching an impressive £4bn for the first time in 2015 according to Research and Markets.*

In the world of Internet shopping, beauty brands strive to meet the needs of online buyers and use social media platforms to promote their products and connect with customers.

Online video channels in particular offer some great marketing opportunities for beauty brands. Last June, beauty-related content attracted over 5 billion views on YouTube alone – most of the content was generated by vloggers and customers.

Online retailers however, must be able to offer a positive shopping experience, as mistakes can result in lost customers and undermined reputation – negative feedback can spread fast online!

Below are five packaging solutions for Health and Beauty retailers that will help you to deliver a memorable shopping experience for your customers.

Crash-lock boxes
These great-looking boxes are easy to erect and are self-sealing, which makes packing fast and simple! They come with a handy tear strip for easy opening and are fully recyclable (making it easy for your customers to dispose of).

Air cushions
Air cushions are perfect for transporting delicate items and are easy to use. They are inflated on demand for optimised storage and can be printed with a custom message, company name or logo for that extra personalised touch!

Korrvu inserts
If you transport high value items, use Korrvu Inserts for optimum protection and smart product presentation. They are made of a highly-resilient film that firmly holds your products in place, while ensuring your products are neatly displayed inside the box.

Luxury Black Mailers
Luxury black mailers offer stunning product presentation while ensuring your items arrive with customers in their best condition. They come with a self-seal strip for hassle-free packing, and the inner layer of bubble protects your products in transport.

Postal wraps
Postal wraps are a perfect all-in-one solution for posting items such as miniatures and beauty samples. They fit tightly around your items, minimising the risk of damage, and can be easily sealed without tape!

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