Solutions to reduce picking times and improve warehouse efficiency

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If you’re currently strapping yourself into the rollercoaster that clacks towards peak demand with an impending sense of ominous dread, please know that there is still time to implement some quick fixes in your operation that can help minimise the stress.

If you need a quick solution to reduce picking times and improve the efficiency of your warehouse space then corrugate pick bins could be the answer. They can reduce this logistical headache without significant capital investment.

Installation of this rigid, low cost solution has so many wins for businesses…

  • Pick bins can decrease pick times as you are create a more efficient pick and pack area
  • Temporary pick bins can be dismantled in times of lower capacity and stored away for use as needed
  • These temporary storage solutions are ideal for businesses that need to react quickly to spikes in demand for existing SKUs or incorporate new product lines at the drop of a hat

Corrugate pick bins are made to order, with many bespoke options to ensure the design works for your warehouse. You can choose the type of bin access you need, including fully and partially open faces, straight or chute fronts. The design can include a supported inner tray to subdivide the bin, increasing the number of pick locations and providing convenient locations for related goods.

Floor-mounted pick bins can be supplied with integral feet for pallet and fork lift handling equipment, along with shelf separators – especially useful when similar products are stored in adjacent locations.

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